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All Canadian parents are legally required to financially support their dependent children. It isthe child’s right.


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Canadian Child Support Lawyers All Canadian parents are legally required to financially support their dependent children. It isthe c h il d ’ s right. When parents live together shared responsibility is understood. When parents separate or divorce or if they never married and simply live apart the children usually reside most of the time with one parent.

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• The other parent thusis required to financially support the children. In the late 1990s Canada established a set of Guidelines that set forth basic child support amounts the idea for which was to reduce conflict encourage resolution and ensure equal treatment of spouses. In most cases the parents simply followed the Guidelines and agreed upon support payments. There are instances however where certain disagreements arise and one parent may need legal representation and/or the c o u rt ’ s intervention. The non- custodial parent may not be issuing payments parents may be sharing custody a parent may have an undue hardship debts disability one parent may be wrongly using visitation to affect support etc. There are so many possible situations. Hiring an attorney allows the parent to avoid dealing with the other parentandletstheprocessproceedmoreeasily.

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Choosing alawyeris always confusing and hardas such a task most comes during difficult times. You should always select a lawyer who specializes in the field in which your matter pertains as experience and knowledge count. As well your lawyer must be licensed to practice in the province in which your matter is situated. You can identify many lawyers in Canada who specialize in family law through a simple Internet search. But continue to search each prospect further. You might find articles or posts the lawyer wrote or even articles and posts previous clients or associates wrote. Either way you may learn something vital about their philosophy communication skillsanddemeanor.

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• Then go even further. Call the la w y er ’ s office and explain that you are looking for possible representation. Did the receptionist speak to you professionally and pleasantlyThis is also very important. A la w y er ’ s staff should treat all clients with respect and dignity. Ask for references and a copy of the f irm’ s retainer. Call the references and find out whether other clients were satisfied with the la w y er ’ s services. Finally review the retainer to see if you can afford the f i rm’ s services. These steps may seem arduous but you want to be comfortable and satisfied with a lawyer you retain and pay.

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• The likely outcome of any family law matter is difficult to predict but hiring an attorney with whom you feel comfortable believe has your best interest and feel is putting your best interests first ensures the best possible conclusion and leaves you feeling that every effort was put forth on your behalf.

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