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Bible Land Shop : 

Bible Land Shop Spiritual Gifts from Israel At Home For Spiritual Gifts

Red String Bracelete : 

Red String Bracelete Hamsa Hand Amulet on a red string - Made in Jerusalem, Israel. Silver covered Hamsa pendant on a red string, with a turn around glass blue eye, that represent the Kabbalah Hamsa againts the "Evil Eye". It is also a symbol used in amulets, charms, jewelry, door entrances, cars, and other places

Ancient Synagogue Oil Lamp with Menorah : 

Ancient Synagogue Oil Lamp with Menorah Ancient Synagogue Oil Lamp replica with Jewish Menorah decoration. Made of aged Terra Cotta. This very lamp reproduction was made in the mountains of Judah, in a reconstructed Biblical clay workshop located by the ancient city of Hebron.

Second Temple Model : 

Second Temple Model It is a new and excitical model to build which requires no cutting or gluing an educational kit. To learn about the second temple a booklet is included with a full explanation on how to build the model, a map of the temple and its historical background.

Diamond Star of David Necklace : 

Diamond Star of David Necklace Diamond Star of David Necklace. Pendant Size 0.5" X 0.5" X 0.5". The Star of David or Shield of David or Magen David is a generally recognized symbol of Jewish identity and Judaism and Zionism. It is named after King David of ancient Israel

Stainless Steel Ring- GOLDEN : 

Stainless Steel Ring- GOLDEN STAINLESS STEEL RING- GOLDEN also called as "SHEMA ISRAEL“. Available in SIZES 17-20 (6). Best Quality. Unique and exquisite design.

Tree of Life - Tallit : 

Tree of Life - Tallit Tree of Life Raw Silk – made of hand – woven raw silk. The set comes with a Tallit, Tallit bag and a Kipah. The tallit katan, or "small" tallit, is worn for the duration of the day by many Orthodox and some other observant Jewish men. AL GOLD MEZUZAH C TZITZIT VEST- TIK-TAK

Bible Codes Plus : 

Bible Codes Plus Bible Codes Plus BC2000 (History Channel) Search the Bible without any knowledge of Hebrew for encoded events and names. including your own and your families! Bible Codes Plus is a generation ahead of any other codes program.

Holy Land Journey DVD : 

Holy Land Journey DVD The Bible Land Shop commissioned the creation of three separate, feature-length films that carry one through the stories of the Bible and the history of the Holy Land. Experience the different landscapes, wildlife and architecture of the middle east while watching this DVD.


Contact us : 

Contact us Doko Media LTD.P.O Box 61110 Moshe Aviv (Hahamal) Or-Yehuda, Israel, 60371 Toll Free: 1-888-470-6739 Fax: 972-3-6344690 Email: [email protected]

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