Choose the best IoT development services and solutions provider?


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In this PPT, we have outlined six key factors that can help you find the best IoT development services and solutions provider in the world.


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How to Choose the Best IoT App Development Company? :

How to Choose the Best IoT App Development Company ? By: Beyond Root Technology Services


Introduction After years of advancements, IoT is finally poised to gain mainstream adoption globally. Gartner, an IT research and advisory company, anticipated that there will be over 20B IoT -connected devices in the world by 2020. These devices not only help businesses to garner data but also make them more productive as well as efficient . With so much popularity around IoT due to its potential and benefits, you might already be seeking an IoT development ally that can help you build a mission-critical IoT product. But how can you choose the best IoT app development company without extensive knowledge of this field?

IoT-Specific Technical Skills:

IoT -Specific Technical Skills Every business wants to count on a company having a proven track record of IoT solutions and technical experts who can create a high-quality product. Besides, companies having prowess in both software development as well as electrical/mechanical engineering have a competitive edge and can deliver a comprehensive solution faster.          IoT is very unique, in general it will involve going to a customer facility where a new system has been installed, analyzing what has caused a malfunction, isolating where the malfunction is that caused the fault report, or why the malfunction is not causing a fault report. The malfunction only occurs sporadically. You as, IoT are leading a team of specialists, none of whom you know personally. Also, you work for the prime contractor .


Transparency Some businesses follow a hand-off-approach until the product is developed and delivered. They don’t bother the IoT development company during the project development process. However , some clients ask for reports and reassurances at regular intervals from their development ally. Dividing projects into multiple tasks and providing weekly reports about how much time has been spent on each task is a good sign of an organization’s accountability. Thus, clients have specific insights into what the company has been doing. Besides , conducting regular meetings with clients is a way to satisfy clients and remain on the same page. The company should also inform their clients if there is any shift in the project’s scope, budget, and timeline during development.

Similar Working Patterns:

Similar Working Patterns You should count on a partner for IoT development services and solutions that has the same working patterns as your company. For instance: • What is the typical sprint length during their product development process? • Do they follow long release cycles in agile methodology like in the conventional waterfall model? • Do they practice continuous delivery through agile sprints? Continuous delivery helps businesses to reduce go-to-market time and improve software quality considerably. However, some clients incline toward the traditional development process, where features are built in sprints that take several weeks and then integrated into the product all at once.

Meticulous Testing:

Meticulous Testing No matter which company do you turn to, they should perform meticulous automated testing for quality assurance of the product. Testing often goes hand-in-hand with software development. As your app scales up and becomes more complicated, it becomes tough to determine when the app crashes on changing even a single line of code. Thorough and automated testing should be performed whenever changes take place in the app. The result of these tests allows IoT app developers to immediately remove bugs from the app if found.


Flexibility Both the client and the IoT development services provider should be flexible and open to changes throughout the product life cycle. Clients should also have a clear understanding of the features they need to integrate into their apps. The “planning fallacy” is a well-known phenomenon in the software development process. This concept allows companies to predict how much time and effort will be needed to complete a future project, enabling them to lowball their estimates. Thus, you will have an idea about the project development stage six months ahead of time.

Full-Stack Capabilities:

Full-Stack Capabilities When looking for an IoT application development company, you must prioritize companies having profound expertise in web development and web security. Hardware engineering companies usually can’t create a secure and scalable infrastructure for IoT data, which is something necessary if you want a full-stack solution. Full-stack development companies can build a comprehensive solution that handles web interface, mobile interface, and hardware within a single project. These companies also follow various strategies to add extra layer security in IoT devices to overcome the security challenges in IoT devices.

Final Words:

Final Words We hope these tips help you to find the best   IoT app development company   that can help you drive your business growth with high-tech solutions. Also, make sure that the company you choose has expertise in developing IoT solutions for various industries like energy, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and more.

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