How to Use Social Media Marketing During COVID Pandemic

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It's time to rule the social world with the right kind of content. That's the only way you can connect with your audience during the COVID crisis. Visit at:


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BETA SOCIALS Want to Connect During COVID Crisis Change Your SMM Rules Now 0 1

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It won’t be wrong to say “markets are vulnerable” right now. Millions of brands are struggling to survive. If you are still pretending that business is still as usual you are probably doing it all wrong. Whether you are writing a sales pitch a web copy an email newsletter an article not considering the change of marketing dynamics will hamper your position as a brand. And this situation has pushed brands to re-evaluate their social media strategies as well. For example if your posts don’t talk about the COVID situation directly or indirectly the audience won’t ever look for you to answer their queries. 0 2

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So one must invest time and energy to put forth a series of strategies that will strike the right tone for your target audience. Don’t undermine the importance of social media channels to market your thoughts positively. That’s why it’s time to connect to the biggest social media agency in Nigeria to adapt to the “new normal.” Here is what you need to change to get the right attention and results amid the coronavirus crisis. 0 3

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Work on Your Bios Whether you are working or temporarily closed a lot would have changed in the past few months. Try to reflect that reality using your social media bios. For example if you are an eCommerce website dealing with essentials only for the time being clearly mention that. Otherwise people will feel agitated upon finding “delivery not possible.” You can also specify the working hours that you will be available. Or how your customers can contact you. It’s time that you provide some relief to your customers who are already juggling a lot. So sharing critical updates will let them know that you are keeping them at the forefront. Or that they are vital for you. Let’s not forget that a less surfing time to find something is equivalent to potential consumer retention. So you can highlight posts on Instagram or pin the most critical ones on your Facebook and Twitter for better audience engagement. 0 2

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It’s Time to Listen More It’s Time to Listen More In times like these if you keep on blabbing about yourself all the time it would come across as rude. Since social media is one of the largest pools for finding potential customers even small efforts will help you to engage better. Experts believe that customer communication through social media has increased during the coronavirus outbreak. So it’s time to evaluate what customers are looking for and devise your content strategies around that. 0 5

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It’s Not The Right Time to Post Unworthy Content If you are into posting any frivolous posts just because you have marked them as “due for your social media calendar it’s time to rewind all those frisky steps. Although it does not imply you can’t be funny. But making fun of the situation can make you look bad in front of your audience. Let’s look at this example. Corona Hard Seltzer a brand launched by Corona USA is one of the few brands facing the most negative publicity of all times. Although one can’t change the name of an already established brand they should have rather “stick to their plan” instead of breaking all loose. Remember being proactive is one of the best traits to have as a brand. 0 6

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Make People Your Priority Well this is a cardinal rule for marketing under any circumstances. However it seems very apt right now. Your organization also comprises people. Use their lives to connect to your audience. There is no good marketing than sharing your personal experiences. That way your audience will connect and form a bond that no marketing copy would do for you. For instance the Getty Museum asked its customers to recreate famous artworks using any three household items. They received thousands of submissions. Out of which some of the excellent posts got their place on the feed. 0 7

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Visuals Must Align With Your Context Social distancing has changed every perception. People are looking for reality more than any imagery thoughts. So if you put across the idea of any activity while showing people together it would be a disaster. For instance Domino’s used all the ZOOM FOOTAGE to produce a commercial. They used it to initiate the recruiting process who were looking for jobs. On the one hand they were practicing the idea of social distancing. And on the other they showed their compassion by offering jobs. A big message indeed 0 8

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Re-evaluate Your Paid Social Media Campaigns According to the data shared by SocialBakers cost per click and CPM for paid ads on social media are falling. It’s because many advertisers are either halting or stopping their campaigns. Consequently overall click-through rates are falling as well. However if you are associated with a particular industry you might be looking at a big-time success with the help of social media ads.. In other words do the math correctly and figure out the ad spend that will help you create the desired success. Retest or reset your data and produce content that will help your customers even when the world will start growing again with this virus in the picture. 0 9

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Key Takeaways The growing pandemic has insinuated itself into the lives of millions in diverse ways. With the markets crashing quickly it’s time that brands or companies readjust their marketing strategies to survive this crisis. Amid all this chaos people are turning to different portals for fun or education. For instance Snapchat and TikTok are popular mediums to have fun. Other social media portals are more about information and catering to daily demands. So you must double down on your social media to build relationships with new or existing customers. Whether you are a newbie or exploring options please use these portals cautiously. 0 2

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