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And you thought gadgets were only for the kitchen! SWALL APRIL 3rd, 2003: 

And you thought gadgets were only for the kitchen! SWALL APRIL 3rd, 2003 Susan Skyzinski, Library Relations Consultant; LexisNexis Barbara Fullerton, Manager of Library Services; Locke Liddell & Sapp [email protected]

What is a Gadget?: 

What is a Gadget? Small device Specialized Mechanical Electronic Practical use Novelty


Canesta Keyboard Thin air keying Convenience of a full-sized keyboard Smart phones, cell phones, PDAs, or other mobile or wireless devices Wireless Small, easy to use Includes mouse Tracks finger movement Price: N/A

Pentax Digibino: 

Pentax Digibino Digital camera combined with Binoculars! Connect with TV 0.8 megapixel 16 MB RAM (storing 100 pictures) 7x magnification lense Manual focus Price: $400


Olympus EYE TREK The first portable wide-screen cinema - plug into DVD, Camcorder, PC or Gaming Device It's a 62" big-screen the size of a pair of sunglasses Crystal clear stereo sound Ultracompact, easy to wear and weighs 85 g Price: $249 - $1200

Orbitor Electronic Listening: 

Orbitor Electronic Listening Hear conversations from 300’ Record up to 12 seconds on the digital chip for playback The viewfinder has a 10 X prism optical system to bring the observed subject right up close. Full size headphones is included Price: $69.99


The Sparrow Onboard battery charger Vehicle registers, insures and parks as a motorcycle 1350 lbs. curb weight, 72-inch wheel base, 57 inches vehicle height 70 mph top speed, 20-40 mile range Price: $14,900

M-Systems DiskOnKey: 

M-Systems DiskOnKey Keychain USB storage device 8MB-128 MB No separate power supply or battery required Security support options Price: $39-$139


Voice Badge Like an ID badge Less than 2 oz. Text messaging Voice activated Works like a walkie-talkie Price: N/A

TiVo Series 2 Digital Recorder: 

TiVo Series 2 Digital Recorder Record 80 hours of shows Instant replay Search for favorite shows, actors TiVo service required Tapeless! Works with cable & satellite Able to pause live TV No auto commercial skip Price: $349.99 plus service


Coolpad Pad to go under computer Keeps your lap from getting burned by your laptop Price: $20

Printer Friendly Cell Phones: 

Printer Friendly Cell Phones NOKIA & H-P together Design application Connect using Bluetooth Soon to be used in cameras Will be in all NOKIA’s 36 Series Price: TBA,35452,1_36,00.html




Dr. Fix and Clean Dr. Clean works in seconds, removing finger prints, dust, stains and minor scratches on all types of CD's Dr. Clean forms a protective layer to protect against future damage Price: $39.95


Compaq TC1000 Windows XP Future of Etch-it-sketch Digital ink 30-60 GB Long life battery Works like a laptop 3 pounds Wireless & flexible Price: $2200


Multiflash Digital Media Reader/Writer Reads & Writes data from CompactFlash IBM Microdrives, MMC Sony Memory Sticks and more… Great for transferring photo files Price: as low as $40

Table Tote: 

Table Tote Portable workstation for laptops & LCDs 2.6 lbs. & can support up to 18 lbs. Slide In-Out Mouse Tray Document Holder Folds for Easy Carry Adjust from 13 inches to 29 inches in height top can slide adjust to 21 inches wide Price: $49.95


Clear Guard Screen Protector Razor-thin, durable, easily adheres to PDA screen Shields screen from scratches Improves handwriting recognition Reduces glare. Price: $9.00

Blackberry 6510: 

Blackberry 6510 Digital cell phone Long-range digital walkie-talkie feature Email features Built-in microphone & speaker Wireless web Full keyboard Large screen Nextel Network Price: $499 + service


Netgear Wireless Router Smart Wizard auto-installation Works with PCs and MACs 802.11b wireless freedom Firewall, 128-bit encryption and parental controls FREE privacy software Exceptional customer service/support Price: $ 69.00

Fossil Wrist PDA w/Palm: 

Fossil Wrist PDA w/Palm Infrared interface downloads the information from main handheld applications into your Wrist PDA Touchscreens Infrared port 2MBs Customized watch faces, drop down menus Price: TBA


GoBook MAX

Nokia 3650: 

Nokia 3650 Smartphone Plays music & digital video Still imaging MPEG, RealAudio, RealVideo 4 MB RAM Wireless messaging Loud speakers XTML browser Not available in US,1522,,00.html?orig=/phones/3650/


TRIVIA What year was the T.V invented?


TV and music Video = MPEG-4 Audio = MP3 or G.726 123,000-pixel 3-inch transmission color LCD 55 minutes/video or 81 minutes/audio Rechargeable battery= 1 hour/video or 3.5 hours/audio Price: $299 Sharp MT-AV1

Vivitar Vivicam 10: 

Vivitar Vivicam 10 On-the-spot camera 0.3 megapixels Autoflash Movie recorder Stores 64 images USB connection Great resolution! Price $60.00 index.cfm?action=promo&pc=eunihomevivi10


60m transmission range to the receiver View from TV, VCR, or security monitor Pinhole camera lens Quality color images Built-in transmitter One-year warranty Price: $399 SWANN Wireless PenCam http:/

SEIKO Inklink: 

SEIKO Inklink Instantly capture your handwriting or drawings directly to your handheld, laptop, or desktop PC Works on ordinary paper up to legal size and easily clips onto 50 page tablets Price: $99.95


Size of stack of 3 credit cards – 1.3 oz. 64MB built-in RAM Maximum Resolution - 1280x960 Rechargeable lithium-ion battery AutoBrite Point and Click No flash Price: $81 CardCam


iseepet Realtime communication with your pet Call your pet Feed your pet Watch your pet All thru the Internet or Mobile phone Price: $620. Available in Japan


Snapsync Save and share contact info between PC and cell phone Side-by-side lists Compatible with most cell phones Downloadable upgrades WIN98, Me, 2000, or XP MSOutlook 98, 2000 or 2002 Price: $37.95

Wireless Stylistic 3500: 

Wireless Stylistic 3500 500MHz Intel® Celeron™ processor, 256MB SDRAM, and a 15GB hard drive Brightness-enhanced TFT color LCD and a liquid-filled digitzer to work well outdoors as well as indoors 56K1 V.90 modem and a 10/100Mbs Ethernet module Windows 98, Windows 2000 Professional Price: $3559

Slide33: Sends a stealth e-mail message to an e-mail address Worldwide tracking and recovery Can't be removed by unauthorized parties Cannot be removed via normal format or fdisk commands Compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP Price: $29.95/computer


GOTOMYPC.COM Access your pc anywhere Setup account Remote access via Internet Secured connection No additional software 24/7 Price: $19.95/month

Slide35: iGesture Pad Advanced Mouse Gesture recognition USB interface Manual color-coded for Windows, MAC, Linux Price: $189


Magnifico No more squinting Clips on any PDA Lightweight & compact Price: $29.99


Auravision EluminuX Illuminated Keyboard Internal lighting Totally visible in dark or low-lit areas Compatibility – WIN 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Price: $99.99

Lind Travel Outlet Adapter : 

Lind Travel Outlet Adapter International Works in most common countries Indicator lights when voltage is present 1 year warranty Model #PROEM-00003 Price: $19.99!ORDERID!/other/ PROEM-00003/dbx_gen_detail_product/


Caller ID - up to 76 records Message waiting indicator Real-time Clock Floating Messages (up to 36 characters) Built-in year-round and holiday greetings 100-year calendar Automatic Daylight Savings Time Adjustment Price: $39.99 Infoglobe Caller ID

Replay TV 5040: 

Replay TV 5040 Tapeless Skip recorded commercials Video streaming room-to-room Internet video sharing Up to 320 hours of recording time (depends on model) Price: $249


TRIVIA What year was the typewriter first marketed?


i2eye Broadband Videophone Home videoconferencing connected to any telephone and TV 30 frames/second Video – 352 x 288 pixels Calls are recordable using VCR or DVD-R No PC required 24/7 customer support Price: $299.99 http:/ If you like watching the Weather Channel, this is for you! Alerts setup for PDAs or computers Satellite maps 43,000 zip codes Weather summaries Price: FREE


Flylight Plugs into USB port Uses less that 90 seconds/hour of battery charge LED lasts over 100,000 hours 5-year warranty Price: $19.99

Dual Screen 2-VU: 

Dual Screen 2-VU Two touch screens Screens 12” or 15” View 2 different documents at the same time! Windows XP or 2000 30 GB hard drive or higher; P4 processor On-screen keyboard or wireless keyboard Wireless network Price: $4075


Matsucom onHand Can store up to 2 MB Full-function calendar Address Book & File Manager Download maps Synchs with Outlook, Palm Desktop, ACT, & Lotus Organizer Supports WIN 95/98/ME, NT 4.0/2000 and XP RS232 Serial Com Port to PC Price: $ 179

GoVideo DVR5100: 

GoVideo DVR5100 DVD & VCR Plays videos, cds, MP3, CDRs Watch a DVD while recording a TV show Dolby digital sound S-Video & composite video outputs for high-end connection Child-lock Price: $269 item_main.asp?model=124&cat=8


Timex Ironman GPS Watch GPS transceiver calulates speed & distance & transmits to watch GPS sensor straps to arm Countdown timer 2 time zones Synchronized to GMT Metrics or US distance Distance accuracy better than 95% Price: $179

Nomad Jukebox Zen: 

Nomad Jukebox Zen 20GB 14 hours continuous play Compact MP3 player Quick charge battery Create your own playlists Price: $350


KidSmart™ Vocal Smoke Detector Record customized messages for children or elderly “Best of Innovations Award” – 2003 International Consumer Electronics Show Price: NA http://www.kidsmartdetector,com

Ultra Cordless Optical Mouse: 

Ultra Cordless Optical Mouse 25-ft radio range PC or Mac Transmits optical data at 80hz Rechargeable batteries Scroll wheel USB Price: $75


Tonight’s Menu Intelligent Oven Refrigerated microwave oven Food held at 40 degrees until cooking begins Accessed and controlled in real-time by cell phone or internet Available early 2004

IO Personal Digital Pen: 

IO Personal Digital Pen Bionic Pen Optical sensor Record everything you write and transfer to your computer Records 40 pages It’s also a pen! Price: $199.95

Slide56: Sony’s RoomLink Network Media Receiver TV programs, photos, video, and audio stored on VAIO PCs can be viewed on a TV screen Graphic menu on TV Wired or wireless Requires VAIO PC and GigaPocket Price: $199.99

Palm’s Tungsten T: 

Palm’s Tungsten T Pocket PC Crisp 65,000+ Color Screen Slides open to reveal keyboard Voice Recorder / Headphone Jack Bluetooth enabled for wireless Internet Microsoft products Price: $399/not including service

RFID – Radio Frequency ID Tags : 

RFID – Radio Frequency ID Tags Next Generation Barcodes “Smart Labels” Various shapes, sizes, read ranges. Update tags on-the-fly Instant automatic Check-in / Check-out Fixed or Mobile scanning Multiple Items scanned simultaneously Reduction of Lost items Scalable Evaluation kit: $800


Updates IPAQ now has a PDA that is secured by fingerprint reader OQO (inventors of the palm held computer) has dropped off the face of the earth In a recent poll, people are becoming more frustrated with technology. The reason: updates, updates, updates

Gadget Websites: 

Gadget Websites Palm Pilot: Palm Software: Internet Daily: Gadget Alert: The Gadgeteer: Sharper Image: TechnoGadgets: Today’s Technologies: Gadget Universe: Mobile Computing Online: http:/ CNET Shopper: (Compares prices of items with other vendors and provides alerts when prices drop)

Gadget Vendors: 

Gadget Vendors PC Connection: Microwarehouse: CDW: Insight: Outpost: The Nerds: Think Geek:

That’s All Folks!: 

That’s All Folks! And you thought gadgets were only for the kitchen! Questions?

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