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Unit 3 : 

Unit 3 movie

Cultural Information---Movies: 

Cultural Information---Movies “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” is a popular saying in English? There is much truth in this old saying. It means that in order to keep ourselves in good health, we must take sufficient entertainment. Of all kinds of entertainment, movie is usually regarded as a common source, but it is not merely a form of amusement. It is a means of education too. IT is as much of an educator as newspapers. From movie we can learn about inventions and discoveries give us scientific knowledge.

Cultural Information---Movies: 

Cultural Information---Movies Movies about life and adventures in foreign countries teach us geography. Movies about events in the past centuries teach us history. Movies based on novels help us to appreciate literature. Newsreels tell us the news of the day all over the world. English movie afford an excellent opportunity of learning spoken English for the students who study English.

Para1 Special-effects Film: 

Para1 Special-effects Film Have you ever seen the Special-effects film?

Para2 the Role of Special-effects Man: 

Para2 the Role of Special-effects Man The special-effects man has one of the most important jobs in the film industry.

Para3 the Case of Special-effect: 

Para3 the Case of Special-effect The director wanted the fish to stop swimming while they seemed to stare at the actor. Then he ordered the fish to stop staring and swim away.

Para4 The solution of controlling the fish : 

Para4 The solution of controlling the fish The result was an idea for controlling the fish with a harmless use of electricity. He applied electricity to the fish bowl, causing the fish to be still. He reduced the amount of electricity, allowing the fish to swim away.

Para5 The Role of Special-effect Man: 

Para5 The Role of Special-effect Man Special-effects man developed particular skill in creating certain kinds of effects.

Para6 The Special-effect in film “Titanic”: 

Para6 The Special-effect in film “Titanic” Special-effects man built the boat which was a copy of a real ship.

Para7 Special-effect of fire in film “Matrix”: 

Para7 Special-effect of fire in film “Matrix” He places metal pipes in the area and gas flowing through the pipes burns instantly but can be kept under control easily by opening or closing the pipes.

Para7 the Special-effect of Explosion: 

Para7 the Special-effect of Explosion The special-effect man places the explosives, which must be enough powerful with sound effects.

Para9 the process of explosion: 

Para9 the process of explosion He connects the explosives with a special device. He sends up bags filled with explosives. He makes the explosives.

Para10 the Reason why Many Movies are Expensive.: 

Para10 the Reason why Many Movies are Expensive. All this requires training, skill, and experience. It also adds a great deal to the expense of producing the film.

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