Poor Blood Circulation

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Poor Blood Circulation :

Poor Blood Circulation


Poor blood Circulation Blood Balance Formula is another effect of diabetes that can greatly hamper the ability of the injured body part especially the extremities, to fight infection and to heal. Diabetes causes the small veins of the foot to narrow and harden thereby restricting flow of blood that carries antibodies to the damaged part. Poor blood circulation however is not at all uncontrollable. The patient can do some necessary measures to improve or at least prevent to aggravate further his poor circulation by not smoking and by doing some regular foot exercises recommended or approved by his foot therapists.


Neuropathy or nerve damage is a fairly common complication for diabetics especially for those who intermittently suffer from uncontrolled glucose levels over a prolonged period of time. Diabetic nerve damages are progressive and permanent. This can lead to pronounced loss of sensations of pain, heat and cold for the affected body part, in this case, the feet. This can be serious because, a sufferer may already have already inflicted some considerable damage to his feet without realizing it because of loss of pain. One may suffer some foot injury such as abrasions and cuts due to barefoot walking or infected blisters due to ill-fitting shoes and not until it become severely infected that the diabetic sufferer may take some notice. Unfortunately for many, it may already become too late.


Proper foot care should be observed by any diabetic patient routinely and religiously. This may require inspecting your feet everyday to lookout for blisters, cracks that may result from using ill-fitted shoes. If the skin of your feet feel dry or is visibly cracked due to excessive dead skin, it may be because the nerves that control the flow of oil to your skin maybe damaged already. Apply lotion to the affected part. You must immediately consult a health professional of any unusual sensations or pain occurs. Finally, it all boils down to proper management of your diabetes. This is a lifelong task and the point of all these is to prevent as much as possible the onset of diabetes complications very well into old age.As a diabetic, the foods that you eat can make or break your day. They can affect your sugar level and insulin production. To keep your health in good condition, you should try your best to keep your sugar levels stable.


Aside from medication, one of the best things to do it is to watch the foods you eat. Eating the wrong foods will affect your metabolism in a negative way. Some illnesses may develop, which will make your condition even worse. These illnesses include heart diseases, neuropathy, kidney failures and blindness. A diabetic who fails to control his condition may also experience stroke and amputation in the long run. To manage your diabetes, a proper diet plan should be observed. That should help in keeping your blood sugar level low. For this reason, you should take note of the foods to avoid for diabetics. http://whatpeopleswant.com/blood-balance-formula-review/

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