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Types of Tower Cranes


A tower crane is one of the most efficient types of cranes when it comes to lifting weights at great heights.


It can lift objects that weigh about 10,000 kilograms to a height of 200 meters.


Types of Cranes Hammerhead Frame Tower Flat Top Tower Self-Erecting Tower Portal Tower Luffing Jib Tower


A Hammerhead crane as the name suggests, resembles a hammerhead with a long horizontal jib over the worksite. It has a trolley that moves along the jib and has a cab for the operator at the intersection of the jib and the tower. Hammerhead Crane


An additional crane is required to erect a tower crane but a self-erecting tower crane can erect itself without the need of a second crane. Self-erecting cranes can be remote controlled from the ground. Self-Erecting Cranes


Portal tower cranes are used for permanent applications like a shipyard or a factory. It is a type of tower crane that is setup to run along a track or rail. Portal Tower Crane


Flat top tower cranes do not have the “top” that conventional cranes have. Flat Top Tower These cranes are ideal for use at sites where there are height restrictions such as airport flight paths.


Luffing jib cranes are ideal for urban use because they require little room for slewing motions and have an outstanding reach. Luffing Jib Cranes


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