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Banaraswala Metal Crafts Pvt. Ltd. is one of the Best Wire Mesh Manufacturers in India. We also supply Wire Mesh at the factory price. For more details Visit: http://www.thewiremesh.com/wire-mesh.htm


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Points To Examine When Installing  Wire Mesh  If someone owns pets and they want to prevent them from wandering around pointlessly or stop them from attacking others then they need to enclose them properly. They need to know the correct way to install the right wire mesh for their pets. One can easily find a suitable wire mesh as there are so many reputed Wire Mesh Manufacturers in Coimbatore. Here are some of the points one needs to examine when installing wire mesh: The height of the mesh wire: The size of the pet and their ability to climb or jump play an important point when deciding the height of the mesh wire. To protect the pets as

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well as others make sure the enclosure is high enough for anyone to climb in or out. While installing keep in mind to dig the wire underneath the soil surface to prevent the pets from digging in. Fixtures and Fittings: Remember it is not possible for the mesh wire to stand on its own as it needs fixtures and fittings. The common fixtures that one requires are posts and even wooden or metal posts can be used. Make sure that the posts are equal or higher than the wire mesh. It will prevent the enclosure from bending. According to ​Wire Mesh Manufacturers in India ​ one may need cable tires to secure the mesh to the posts. For better protection install stables over the mesh. There are various kinds of wire mesh materials available in the market. Though one should pick according to their security needs. Searching for a stainless steel cable mesh or any kind of stainless steel mesh for protection purposes Banaraswala Metal Crafts has plenty of materials for their customer’s needs and requirements. For best outcomes make sure to buy the mesh wire from a reputed company. CONTACT US

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Address:​ 621 Trichy Road ELGI Industrial Complex  Singanallur Coimbatore Tamil Nadu-641045  Mobile No:​ +91-9362273366  Website:​ ​www.thewiremesh.com