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TYPES OF GALVANIZED WIRE MESH AND VARIOUS USAGE OF THE  PRODUCT Galvanization is the process of applying zinc coating on steel                     surfaces mainly to prevent rusting or corrosion. This technique is                     used on wire meshes for a variety of applications of the finished                         product. From beautification of the fence to heavy industrial area                     uses it is treated as a separate category of the product and is                           available in different opening sizes and quality.  Types  There are two basic types of the product - Galvanized before                       Welding GBW and Galvanized after Welding GAW.  Galvanized before Welding GBW

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In this type of wire mesh the wire used in the manufacturing                         process is galvanized before welding of the joints. In this manner                       the welding material is visible over the steel wires. This method is                         generally more cost-effective and costs less to the customer.  Galvanized after Welding GBW  In the process the entire wire mesh with welding is immersed in                         a galvanization tank for the specified period. Here the entire mesh                       along with welding metals is coated with the protective layer. This                       process is more rigorous and costly but the product is better                       resistant to external forces and corrosion. Also wire meshes with                     small-diameter holes are unsuitable for this process as the holes                     also may be clogged with the galvanization compound.  Applications  The extra protection of the galvanization process enables the                   usage of the mesh in a variety of applications apart from fencing                         enclosures. Some of the important ones are discussed below.  Window Safety Guards  It is widely used as a barrier for windows in residences. These are                           meant for stopping insects and other undesirable elements from                   entering the rooms. These wire meshes have openings which are                     smaller than the insect sizes resulting in blockage of entry.                     Moreover the rooms aesthetic is undisturbed as the colors of the                       screens are repaint-able according to the room color also.

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Building Projects  Wire meshes of fine diameters are an integral part of the                       construction industry. These sturdy galvanized screens are used                 as a holding enclosure for setting the concrete mixture both in                       vertical and horizontal positions. In many cases these meshes are                     left to fuse with the concrete for extra strength. This is one                         example of the various other applications of the galvanized wire                     screens in building projects.  Forming of Artificial Stone Boulders  Another interesting application of a galvanized wire mesh is its                     involvement in the formation of stone boulders or barriers. These                     may be used for slowing down the natural land erosion process                       besides the rivers or sea. Strong specially treated wires meshes                     are used for this purpose they encase concrete blocks inside to                       absorb the waters force thus slowing down the erosion process.  CONTACT US 621 Trichy Road ELGI Industrial Complex Singanallur  Coimbatore Tamil Nadu-641045  0422-2580350 0422-2596196  Website:​ ​www.thewiremesh.com