How to become Electronic Music Producer

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Stages involved in making electronic music producer


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slide 2: How to become Electronic Music Producer

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5 STAGES OF AN ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCER Initiation Proficiencey Exponential Learning The Dip Mastery

slide 4: Initiation In order to produce electronic music on a computer you’ll need a Digital Audio Workstation. A software application used for producing editing and recording music.

slide 5: Exponential Learning In this stage you acquire knowledge develop skills and improve as a producer at exponential speed. You will get to know about mixing music theory and structural arrangement.

slide 6: The Dip It is all about controlling the  feeling of overwhelm. Production starts to become difficult and seems more time- consuming. Hold on to the objective

slide 7: Proficiency Advanced learning and remaking Collaboration Career paths Stage 4 is the final stage before mastery

slide 8: Mastery When you’ve mastered your craft and everything you make is quality it’s time to innovate.

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