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Real estate investment opportunity


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Let’s Invest::

Let’s Invest: Consider It Rented!

So, What Do Young Professionals Want in Their Community?:

So, What Do Young Professionals Want in Their Community?

Social Environment:

Social Environment Restaurants

Social Environment:

Social Environment Bars

A Place to Exercise:

A Place to Exercise

Close to Work:

Close to Work





The Best Part…:

The Best Part… Walking

The Specs:

The Specs 3504 W Santiago St. Foreclosed Duplex $140,000 1134 sq ft 2 – 2/1 Photo by Brian Dillon

Property Needs:

Property Needs Remodel from 2/1  1/1 Kitchen upgrade Cost = $10,000

The Brass Tax:

The Brass Tax 20% down = $28,000 Taxes = $3000 per yr = $250 month Rents = $800 per unit = $19,200 per yr

The Icing on The Cake:

The Icing on The Cake 1 st Year Monthly Profits = $253 680.54 – Mortgage payment 250.00 – Monthly taxes 416.66 – Reno payment 1347.20 – 1600.00 = 252.80 First Years Projected Profit = $3034 Second Years Projected Profits = $8033.52


So… $3034 $8034


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