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Spoonful of Sugar is the second in a three-week series of [email protected] entitled Snake Oil or Cure?


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A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR Taking your medicine properly:

A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR Taking your medicine properly Michele Hoffman, MS Ed, RN

The 5 “rights” of Drug Administration:

The 5 “rights” of Drug Administration Right drug Right patient Right dose Right time Right route of administration


ASK!!! Do I need to take any drug at all? Why is this the right drug for me? How should I take and store this medicine? What interacts with this medicine? What side effect are most likely to happen to me? Do I need to take this even after I feel better? What will happen when I stop taking the medicine?


Splitting the difference Therapeutic Index = why you can’t: take twice the dose half the time, split the pill or double-up on a dose


Some pills that are commonly split include: Statins : Crestor , Lipitor, Pravachol Antidepressants : Celexa , Paxil, Zoloft A CE-Inhibitors : Monopril , Prinivil , Univasc , Zestril Angiotensin receptor blockers : Avapro , Cozaar


Taking the medication properly Can it be crushed and mixed with food? Liquid or solid? Cream or gel? How long should I wait? When is the best time? When can I stop?


Generic versus Brand Name Why are they cheaper? Why don’t they look the same?


Generic drugs must… Contain the same active ingredients Have the same dosage strength (20 mg, 400 mL ) Be the same dosage form (liquid, pill, cream) Have the same route of administration Deliver similar amounts of the drug to the bloodstream within a similar time period


The package insert Reading between the technical lines What does the package insert NOT say? Ask for the patient leaflet


Check it out: PDR.net Epocrates.com Partnership for Prescription Assistance (888) 477-2669 www.pparx.com Talk to your healthcare professional!!!

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