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Happy Thanksgiving. : 

Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks so much for the tickets. I loved the concert. It was great. When I first saw Bruce come out on stage I was so happy that I cried. Because I actually saw my idol. My mom and I had so much fun. I had fun singing all the songs. It ROCKED! I loved when he brought his mother out on stage for her one last song at the Spectrum. Over all thank you. Here’s a gift from me to you. Thanks so much.

The Family : 

The Family By Benjamin Lombardo. Hope you like it.

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January 1968

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December 1969 Vincent’s First Holy Communion

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Brotherly Love March 1974

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Vincent and his Posters 1974

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Remember This Day

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We all still love dad, granddad

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July 1979

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Even I said wow.

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Anna With Big Brother.

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Vince- John Look at the camera. John- What.

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I’m the king of the world.

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Then we showed up.

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And my love for trains was born.

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Olivia, Tom, Blaine and more.

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Uncle Bill & Aunt Rosalie.

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Fun times.

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Fly bird.

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Made for Aunt Anna with love and care.

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The End Aunt Anna thanks so much for getting me tickets to see The Boss. The concert rocked like Bruce. Clarence Clements was amazing. And I loved when Bruce did Born In The U.S.A. I did not know how to thank you so please except this DVD. By Benjamin Lombardo November 24,2009

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Songs Steve Miller-Threshold Bruce Springsteen-Thunder Road Everyday People-Sly & The Family Stone My Best Friend-Queen The Rockford Files-Mike Post Good Times Roll-The Cars Don’t Stop-Fleetwood Mac The Rockford Files- TV Theme, Mike Post Album Born In The U.S.A The Essential Bruce Springsteen Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits CD 2 Groovin’ (2 of2) Ben’s Songs 2 Super Hits of The ‘70’s:Have A Nice Day,Vol.17 Complete Greatest Hits The Cars The Dance And Now A Word From Are Sponsors Most of second generation children photos by Vince Lombardo. Other by unknown photographer. Made and created By Benjamin Lombardo. It all stated in a small house in Wenonah, N.J and ends in a life time of preshios memories.

The End : 

The End

The Family : 

The Family

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