What is a Fatberg? Why is it Ruining Our Drains?

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A fatberg is a coagulated mass of congealed grease and non-biodegradable matter found in sewers and drains. To know more details on this, read further.


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Blocked Drains London INTRODUCTION Icebergs are dangerous freshwater chunks that everyone is familiar with, because of how one of such pieces caused the titanic wreck. The new dangerous mass, just like an iceberg that many are not aware of are fatbergs . With many drainage firms and utility companies spotting them in sewers, fatbergs are posing problems for marine life and our drainage systems . This post focuses on what fatbergs are, why they cause ruins in our drains, and what can be done to prevent or remove them.


WHAT IS FATBERG: A fatberg is a coagulated mass of congealed grease and non-biodegradable matter found in sewers and drains. Fatbergs are also known to be formed from flushed household items, such as wet wipes, cotton buds, condoms and sanitary pads. The resulting fat and debris mass can be very strong (almost like concrete) and may require special equipment to remove them from sewers and drains . Rough sewer surfaces with turbulent fluid flow are the ideal sites where fatbergs form. Apart from the blockage that these coagulated masses can cause, they can also react with the linings of pipes and convert oil to a soap-like substance. A fatberg is one sewer mass to get rid of quickly. HOW LARGE CAN FATBERG GET: Depending on how long they have been allowed to accumulate fat and used items, fatbergs can weigh as much as 12 double-decker buses stacked on each other . One of the biggest fatbergs in history was discovered in a London sewer and was ten times the size of the Kingston fatberg of 2013. The Whitechapel Fatberg, as it is popularly called, was measured to be 130 tonnes, and 250-metre-long (about the size of two football pitches). It took a little over three weeks to completely remove it from the drain, with eight workers pulling out 20 to 30 tonnes daily . This fatberg is so popular that two pieces from it were on display in the Museum of London.


HOW TO AVOID FATBERGS IN DRAIN? The consequences of fatbergs are severe. Therefore, you must understand how to avoid these coagulated fat masses than to deal with them after they have caused damage . Firstly, sewers and drains are only built to take three things; faeces, urine and toilet paper . There are four things never to pour down a drain if you want to prevent fatbergs; 1. Cooking oil 2. Paper towels and wet wipes 3. Starchy foods 4. Eggshells and coffee grounds


HOW TO AVOID FATBERGS IN DRAIN? How to Unblock a Drain Importance of Regular Drain Cleaning Collapsed Drain Repair


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