How to Dispose of Grease and Cooking Oil

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Incorrect disposal of oil and grease can cause clogged sewers and drainages. Here you can see the proper way to dispose of grease and oil after use.


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Blocked Drains London INTRODUCTION Incorrect disposal of oil and grease can cause clogged sewers and drainages in your house. In severe situations, your manhole may backup, and then oil can get dumped in your home . Intense and costly clean-ups are usually the solution for this easy-to-avoid problem . In this article, we would be discussing the proper way to dispose of grease and oil after use.


STEPS TO TAKE WHEN DISPOSING OF OIL OR GREASE The proper way to dispose of grease is quite simple; throw it in the bin. However, you should not just throw it directly in your drain while it is still hot. The steps involved are ; Let the oil cool and solidify: Hot oil can melt not only your trash can but the disposal cup it is placed in! Allow it to cool for several minutes before you throw it away . Scrape the grease into a container: Even when cool, you wouldn’t want grease or oil to mess up your trash can, making it difficult to empty. Scrape the oil with a spatula, and put it in a disposal cup or any other container . Carefully place the container in a plastic bag before throwing it away: Using a plastic bag prevents leakages from the container. The sides could still have some leftover oil, so give the container a good wipe before placing in the plastic bag . Wipe down all the cutleries and cooking utensils: Small amount of leftover grease from utensils are dangerous to your plumbing system. It would build up over time and can clog your drainage. Use a paper towel to wipe these utensils before washing them.


WHAT IF GREASE GOES DOWN THE DRAIN? If you’ve taken all the precautions to prevent grease and oil from going down the drain, then you should not have much to worry about. However, mistakes happen, and your friends or relatives could be the ones throwing oil down the drain . In such situations, you must take corrective measures immediately. The best way to go is to ring your plumber or drainage expert and tell them of the problem. HOW TO REUSE GREASE AND OIL? Not all used oil or grease should be thrown away. As long as it has been appropriately used and not heated to the smoke point, you can reuse it . Firstly, sieve the semi-warm oil with paper towels or other filters. This is done to remove the particles that may still be in it . Next, store the grease or oil in an air-tight container. Storing oil or grease in a fridge or freezer solidifies it till it becomes fat . Test the solidified oil or grease to make sure that it is not rancid.


TIPS AND ADVICE How to Unblock a Drain Importance of Regular Drain Cleaning Collapsed Drain Repair


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