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Poster Development :

Poster Development By Becky Diss


PLAN Billing block Tag line Base image Film title Actors names Date & logo


For our poster Development we chose a picture which had the main characters in but also had a striking location. The colours of the image were also very plain and simple which we thought would look very effective on a poster and make it very clear and to focus on the characters. When editing my poster I also found that changing the brightness and the contrast made the poster look more bold and eye catching. What I also like about the poster is the black and white colours that contrast each other, also that the only part of the poster that is colourful is the main character which makes him seem different from the rest of the characters and makes him more unique.


As I thought the contrast of the black and white looked really effective I then changed the exposure so that the contrast was even more visible. Making the exposure higher made the background much darker whereas made the characters and celling much brighter, I thought this made the whole poster look more dramatic. When creating my billing block I wanted to make it as realistic as possible so therefore changed the sizes of the fonts so that it varied from small fonts to big fonts like on a film poster. I also included the release date and how you can experience watching the film through ‘3D’, I highlighted these parts in red so that they stood out from the rest of the poster. I also added a grey/black opaque gradient on in the background so that my billing board would be more prominent.


We then added a tag line to add more dramatic effect in a big bold red writing so it was eye catching. We also included the actors names at the top of the poster as this is a key convention of a trailer. We also did this in a red bold font as we thought it would stand out and keep within the theme of the poster. The harsh lighting also makes the poster look very dramatic and harsh which is the look we were aiming for. We also moved the gradient up higher so that the poster looked more mysterious and threatening.


I then added the title ‘GEMINEYE’ which had a bold clear font with very standard basic letters. I chose this font as I thought it would simple and clear. However I wanted to font to be the same as the font in our trailer ‘ coolvetia ’ so therefore changed the font and gave it a outer glow so it stood out from the black background. I also put an outer black glow on the strapline so it would highlight it and also gave it a more spooky look to it. I also added the black stroke on the billing block titles so it was slightly easier to see, as well as the names of the actors at the top of the poster.


For my final poster I wanted to have high contrasting lighting so that everything was clear to see and stood out. What I like about the poster is the clear colours and how certain aspects of the poster stand out like location because of the ceiling and how unique it is. The clones in the poster also stand out because of the harsh white colour which makes the whole poster more striking. I have also used a colour scheme as the protagonist Dylan is wearing red we wanted to make the title, strapline and actors name red and also because I think red is a very dramatic colour. The poster itself is very simple and basic however I think this makes it stand out and look more effective. Also because the original picture was very clear and simple it made it easier to edit and alter the poster on Photoshop.

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