Angel Broking - How to Invest in Share Market


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This presentation can give you a detailed guide on how to invest carefully in the share market.


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HOW TO INVEST IN THE ShARE MARKET Angel Broking Pvt Ltd [email protected]


What is Share Market In a share market, shares are bought and sold. The stock market is a share market, however besides shares of companies, other instruments like bonds, mutual funds and derivative contracts too are traded in the stock market . Let us discuss the basic guide on how to invest in share market in next slides Angel Broking Pvt Ltd [email protected]


Step 1 Get PAN Card: PAN Card is the mandatory thing you require to invest anywhere in India. It is a 10 digit Alpha numeric number assigned to every individual by the Tax Authority of India. Angel Broking Pvt Ltd [email protected]


Step 2 Find Broker: People who are authorized to buy and sell share in the markets are known as Brokers Person/Company must be registered and licensed by SEBI SEBI is the board who regulates the share market Make sure that person/company must be reliable to you Angel Broking Pvt Ltd [email protected]


Step 3 Get A Demat Account Demat account will allow you to keep your shares in the electronic form A Demat account number is required to enable electronic settlements of all the trades A Demat account can be opened with no balance of shares, you can have a zero balance in your account For more information Visit this page Angel Broking Pvt Ltd [email protected]


Step 4 Unique Identification Number UIN is required when you are planning to invest more than INR 1 lakhs at one time. For regular investors it is not mandatory Angel Broking Pvt Ltd [email protected]


Step 5 Buying and Selling of Shares For buying and selling you have to discuss this with your Broker You both should decide in prior on which share to buy at which price and in which quantity To know more about investing in share market in detail click here Angel Broking Pvt Ltd [email protected]