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HOW TO Open a Demat Account:

HOW TO Open a Demat Account Angel Broking Pvt Ltd [email protected]


What is Demat Account A demat or ' dematerialised ' account holds shares in electronic form, thus saving you the bother of holding shares in paper form. A depository is similar to a bank. It holds shares, which belong to investors, in electronic form . Angel Broking Pvt Ltd [email protected]


How to open a Demat Account Step 1: Visit D epository P articipant : You have to meet this department first for opening this account; from this place, you will collect the account opening form. You have to fill that account opening form carefully in the guidelines of any expert, after filling this form carefully you can go to the next steps easily. Angel Broking Pvt Ltd [email protected]


Step 2 Attach The C opies O f R equired D ocuments : Another most important step you have to follow is to attach the copies of required documents. Y ou have to attach the identification proof copy along with your residential proof copy when you are opening a Demat account or want to open . Angel Broking Pvt Ltd [email protected]


Step 3 S ign P rocedure O f A greement : You have to sign an agreement with the DP which will help you to use your rights in the selling and buying process of shares easily. This is a must follow step, so don’t forget to sign the agreement with DP after collecting and understanding the information of that particular agreement. Angel Broking Pvt Ltd [email protected]


Step 4 Get Y our Account N umber : After following the listed steps the DP will give you the liberty to collect your account number and other details of your Demat account without any hesitation. This is probably the last step you will require before opening the Demat account . If you want to open Demat account online you can click on this link and open the account easily. Angel Broking Pvt Ltd [email protected]


Documents Required F or Opening A Demat Account Proof of Identity: For Eg : Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driving Licence and Ration Card etc Proof of Address: For Eg : Electricity and Water Bills, Bank Passbook, Adress Proof Affidavit etc For more Information Visit Angel Broking Pvt Ltd [email protected]