QROPS France - what you need to know

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Get details of "Qualifying Recognised Oversea s Pension Schemes" in France. Know all the important point & benifit of QROPS


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The Complete Details OF QROPS France Stay Independent After Retirement Too

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Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes What Is QROPS :-

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Important Topics of QROPS The cost of living in France compared to the UK Living in France as a reitree: Best places Pension schemes in the UK and France compared QROPS benefits QROPS rules and regulations

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Cost of living in France compared to the UK UK France

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Living in France as a retiree: Best places

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Who qualifies for a QROPS pension transfer

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• 1. Lump Sum Benefits • 2. Provision of a Retirement Income • 3. No Compulsory Annuity Purchase • 4. Reduction in Currency Risk • 5. Greater choice of investment options • 6. UK Inheritance Tax • 7. No Lifetime Allowance Pension Cap QROPS Benefits

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Avoid having to purchase an annuity with a QROPS

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For More detail of QROPS France and Free QROPS guide at AXIS Finance

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Thank You http://axis-finance.com/qrops-france

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