Direct – Indirect Speech

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Direct – Indirect Speech : 

Direct – Indirect Speech By Avinash [email protected]

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Direct – Indirect Speech _____________ , “____________” Reporting part Reported part When the reporting part is in Present tense, The reported part must be in Present tense. Ex : Rama says “ I am going to the temple” Rama says that he is going to the temple. When the reporting part is in Past tense, the reported part changes into its corresponding Past tense. (As shown in the following table)

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Even when the reporting part of the sentence is in past tense and the reporting part is in present tense, it will not be changed to past tense when it is an eternal truth. EX: He said, “The earth is round.” Ans: He said that the earth is round. Direct – Indirect Speech

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Kinds of Sentences Assertive / Affirmative / Declarative Sentence. Interrogative Sentence. Imperative Sentence. Optative Sentence. Exclamatory Sentence. Click me to go to CONVERSION TABLE Click image go to the Exercises

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Assertive / Affirmative / Declarative Sentence

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Interrogative Sentence.

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Imperative Sentence.

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Optative Sentences

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Exclamatory Sentences

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Connecting words Assertive : Said (D.S) - said that (R.S) said to (D.S) - told (R.S) Ex: 1. He said “ Iam late today. ” (D.S) He said that he was late that day. (R.S) 2. Raju said to her “ You were beautiful “ Raju told her that she had been beautiful.

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Interrogative : Said / Said to - asked + wh-word + S + V +O (For the sentences start with Wh-words) Ex : 1.Ravi said to Radhika “ Where are you going to ? “ Ravi asked Radhika where she was going to. Said / Said to - asked + If/whether + S + V +O (For the sentences start with a helping verb) Ex: She said to him “ have you finished your lunch? “ She asked him whether/if he had finished his lunch.

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Imperative : requested + Obj + to + V1 Said / said to ordered + Obj + to + V1 advised + Obj + to + V1 Don’t - Not to Ex : 1.The stranger asked, “ Please show me the way “ The stranger requested me to show him the way. 2. “ Keep quiet “ The teacher said. The teacher ordered us to keep quiet. 3. My friend said, “ Don’t smoke “ My friend advised me not to smoke. 4. The dentist asked, “ Open your mouth “ The dentist asked me to open my mouth.

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Optative : Said/Said to - Wished + Obj + that + S + V + O ( For a sentence ) Wished + Expression ( For an expression) Ex : 1. The old man said to me “May God bless you” The old man blessed/wished me that God might bless me. 2. She said to me, “ Wish you a happy married life “ She wished me a happy married life.

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Exclamatory : Said/Said to - exclaimed with happiness / sorrow + that + S + V + O Ex : 1. They said “Hurray! We have won the match“ They exclaimed with happiness that they had won the match. 2. She said “ Alas! I lost my purse “ She exclaimed with sorrow that she had lost her purse.

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Conversion Table

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EXERCISE He said to me, “I have often told you not to play with fire.“ (HELP) She said to him, “ I didn’t believe you. “ (HELP) Rani said to me, “ Where do you live? “ (HELP) Her father said to her, “ Will you listen to such a man? “ (HELP) Rama said to Arjun, “ Please go away. “ (HELP) Usha said to them, “ Be quite and listen to me .” (HELP) Rama said to us, “ May good fortune come to your door step.” (HELP) Srujan said to me, “ Good morning sir. “ (HELP) They said, “ Alas! we are undone. “ (HELP) He cried with happiness, “ I have got a seat in IIIT.“ (HELP)

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ANSWERS He told me that he had often told me not to play with fire. She told him that she had not believed him. Rani asked me where I lived. Her father asked her if/whether she would listen to such a man. Rama requested Arjun to go away. Usha ordered them to be quiet and listen to her. Rama blessed us that good fortune might come to our doorstep. Srujan wished me a good morning. They exclaimed with sorrow that they were undone. He exclaimed with happiness that he had got a seat in IIIT.

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