Remodeling Your Pool_ When to Spend More Money & Where to Save Money

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Owning a pool and maintaining it is no easy task. The appearance of a pool seems simple enough after all it is just a man-made body of water. How complicated could it possibly be It may not look like it but there are numerous parts to the pool that need routine maintenance and repairs. And of course these kinds of things cost a good amount of money. Like with any part of a home there are also numerous resources to consider when updating a pool. Because there are so many parts to a pool there are also numerous ways to save money. There are also times where you should spend more money as well. Before we explore these options let’s first consider exactly how much it costs to repair a pool. According to some pool professionals the average cost to repair an entire pool is right around 8000. And because there are so many things within a pool that may or may not need to be replaced and maintained these costs vary tremendously. Before even exploring where to spend more money and when to spend more money it is important to detect what kind of parts of the pool are the most crucial to their operations. AZ Central shares a complete list of nearly all a pool’s components from handrails to lights to filters to decks. This article will examine each one and determine how important they are then determine how much should be spent. 1

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Keep in mind that this is a very general examination of these components. Since no pool is totally created equal certain pool owners would do better to spend more money on certain components than others. This kind of diversity will be addressed as much as possible. Consider the Pool Pump  Among the most important components of a pool is the pump. This makes sense because it’s the duty of any pool owner to make sure that the pool is operating as well as it possibly can. The wrong pump can cost a lot to run and can also be extremely noisy. However the right pump can pay for itself with lower energy costs. Every pool ever created needs a pump to make sure the pool does not run out of water. Of all the things a pool owner should spend more money on it should be the pump. Along with the pump automatic levelers are another part of a pool that are necessary. They fill and level off the pool. They cost about 800 to install and many newer pools already have them installed. If your pool does not have one installed arrange to do so. The pump and the automatic leveler are the two most crucial parts of a pool. Choose the Right Pool Deck  The deck is another component that every pool must have no matter what. Decks can cost a lot of time and money to build and maintain. However they are necessary and it is not a bad idea to spend a little more money on them. Whether ​ you should invest in a higher quality pool deck ​ ​or not really depends on how much traffic you expect at your pool and how often you will be at the pool. If you host weekly pool parties and other similar events it would make sense to spend more money on a higher quality deck. One of the best decks possible are the ones that contain stone tiles. They tend to start around 4000. Staying with the topic of decks the surface of the deck is another important component of a pool that should be considered. No matter what the deck of a pool looks like it is important that the surface stays maintained and updated. This is another area where spending more money is probably a good idea. Nobody likes a pool deck that is unpleasant or dangerous ​ ​to walk on. This goes double if there are a lot of young people who use the pool. A deck with an older 2

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surface could be more slippery while a deck that has a newer surface will not have those kinds of problems. The ones with acrylic lacing contain hints of sand which provides the deck with a little more grip. They cost about 800. Are Handrails Necessary  Handrails are also necessary for a pool. And the standard ones are made completely of metal which can conduct quite a bit of heat in hotter temperatures. Therefore when it comes to handrails it is probably a good idea to spend a bit more money. If it is possible to find and install handrails that are not made of pure metal then that would be your best option. Even if this costs a bit more money it is money well spent. Save vs Splurge  Pool decks combine function and style. The next set of pool components are pretty much completely aesthetic. Nothing speaks more to the aesthetics of a pool than a pool kitchen. This is one part of a pool that may not even be necessary. The only scenario where anyone would even need a pool kitchen is if they host parties. And even then would it even be necessary Having barbecues at the pool are always fun but are they worth the money The prices for a pool kitchen also vary immensely costing as low as 800 but as much as 4000. Also consider the time energy and money involved in cleaning these pool kitchens. If you absolutely need a pool kitchen try not spend a lot of money. One part of the pool that is completely aesthetic are fire pits. They cost 500 to install but they serve literally no purpose to a pool other than making it look attractive. Some could argue that a fire pit could provide heat if it is cold outside and people are at the pool but is that a valid reason to install one The only real reason to install a fire pit is if the pool is going to be used a lot during the night. Unless you really need to get one installed save money by passing up on a fire pit. Another part that is completely aesthetic is the waterline tile. They cost roughly 700 to install and often are accompanied with a resurface of the deck as well. Those are most of the things worth considering when updating a pool. Saving money in updating one is quite easy once you have separated what is necessary and what is not necessary. One big mistake that most pool owners make is 3

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labeling every part of the pool as important and this is certainly not the case. Saving money on pool repair is not difficult if everything is separated and analyzed. Check out our website to learn more on ​swimming pool plastering and resurfacing tips tricks and services ​. 4

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