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Instead of investing in imitation cocktail rings, it is better to walk into one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangalore, and have your extravagant ring designed in gold and diamond.


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Diamond Cocktail Ring – Designing One For Every Occasion – Aura Jewels When you think of cocktail rings you think of elegance teamed up with sparkle. Also when you think of cocktail rings you imagine a big gemstone set ring worn on the right hand for a special occasion. It’s true that cocktail rings were earlier meant for being worn only on the most special occasions like a cocktail party or red-carpet functions because such a large ring that captures attention in a way that any ordinary ring cannot cannot be worn everywhere can it But today these rings although cannot be worn on a daily basis but can definitely be worn on any occasion where you dress informally. Where and how can cocktail rings be worn Cocktail rings need to be reserved to occasions where you want sparkle and are allowed to make a fashion statement. That being said there are no restrictions on where and when you can wear a cocktail ring as long as the occasion allows it. For example you cant

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wear a cocktail ring when you just go in the neighbourhood for a get-together or when you’re going for a meeting or a conference with clients. When buying cocktail rings With the cocktail rings being so special and unique there are quite a few things that should be clear in your mind before you shop for them.  You can shop for both genuine real gold and diamond cocktail rings or imitation materials – the choice is yours. However remember that even if you opt for imitation materials some cocktail rings could be more expensive than pure gold and diamond rings. It is thus better to invest in real gold and diamond http://www.aurajewels.in/knowledge- centre/gold-diamond-scintillating-combination/ for such a fancy ring and this you can do at one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangalore one like Aura Jewels with all the amazing experience and talent that the designers have.  The setting of your cocktail ring is as important as the stones you wish to embed into the design of your ring. As much as the metal and stone you choose will affect the appearance of your ring the setting will also enhance the sparkle along with affecting the durability of the stone to be held in place for longer.

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 You must choose a natural and elegant stone for the centerpiece one that you wont tire of or one that doesn’t seem too good to handle for a long time. This makes diamond the best choice making it perfect for matching with any dress you wear and any occasion you wear the ring to. Cocktail ring stone setting No matter what stone you choose for your cocktail ring you need to be very sure about the setting you are deciding. Listed below are some settings you can use described in detail.  Prong setting – This is the most common setting wherein typically four prongs on four corners hold the stone in place. You can have the centerpiece as well as series of small diamonds all set in prong settings for a more significant look.  Bezel setting – This type of setting is used when you want the center stone to stand out from the other smaller stones in the ring by wrapping the outer edge of the center stone in a small casing or metal.  Pave setting – This setting involves paving many small stones close together to form a solid band-like effect. Generally this kind of setting is used when there are more than 50 diamonds in a single ring.

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 Channel setting – This setting involves a row of small diamonds lined up against each other to form a solid diamond row. You can use this type of setting when you use round brilliant diamonds princess diamonds or baguette diamonds. So what’s your choice of cocktail ring Which stone which metal and which setting would you want to choose For more Information: http://www.aurajewels.in/

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