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Even when you are buying from one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangalore, you must check for the genuity of the diamond you are buying, and the price you are paying for it, if you are capable of taking the judgment.


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Avoid Overpaying For Your Diamonds - Aura Jewels After gold and silver investing in diamonds has become a popular strategy. But understand that an investment is done so that the asset you invest in can reap you benefits in the future when you’re actually looking for capital. Hence when you’re making an investment you need to ensure that you are spending in something that is genuine. Realizing in the future that you had invested in a fake or imitation product earlier will only have you in dire straits So be very careful about what you are investing in. And if a diamond is what you are looking for we’ll help you know how you can do a research and find if the diamond you are planning to purchase is genuine or fake and also how to get the right price to be paid for your diamond without overpaying for it.

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Identifying a real diamond First and foremost it is important to identify the quality of diamond you are buying. Is it real or fake There are a few tests you can do to identify the genuity of a diamond http://www.aurajewels.in/knowledge-centre/identify- fake-diamond/. For example  You can ask the jeweler to hand you his magnifying glass and see through it to look at your diamond in good light. If the diamond is clear and perfect it is fake So you should choose a diamond that has flaws or inclusions. Something you may not have expected right  Hold the diamond within one centimeter of your mouth and fog it up with your breath. A real diamond wont fog up because it is a good conductor if heat. So if the diamond in your hand fogs up it isnt real for sure.  Use a candle or lighter to heat up the diamond for 30 seconds after which you should immediately drop it in a glass of cold water. The jeweler shouldn’t hesitate allowing you to do that because a real diamond will never crack or break with the rapid heat and cold effect. Only a fake diamond will crack or shatter.

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 Take a clear white sheet of paper and draw a dot on it. Place the diamond over it. If you see the dot through the diamond it is a fake one. A real diamond wont help you see the dot beneath. Paying the right price Now that you have identified that the diamond you are planning to buy is a real one from one or more of the tests above the second important part is that you make sure you are paying the right price for the stone and not overpaying for it. Generally the jeweler will tell you the price of the diamond by only showing you its carat size and the appropriate price for that size. But this is not the only criterion that decides on the price of the stone. You need to know all the 4 Cs of a diamond http://www.aurajewels.in/knowledge- centre/diamond-4cs/ to ensure its genuity and price. These 4 Cs of colour cut clarity and carat are what makes a diamond piece less or more valuable. Buying from an authorized jeweler Even after all the understanding of the above and the tests you make it is yet better to avoid even the least of risk. And for that you need to ensure that you are buying from a reliable and trustworthy jeweler. If you are shopping from a genuine jeweler like Aura Jewels one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangalore you can rest assured that you are getting only the most genuine diamonds at the most reasonable prices. Thus you’ll have nothing to

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worry about. But if you are buying from a jeweler you don’t know you can trust only because you are getting diamonds at a cheaper price there you need to be really careful For more Information: http://www.aurajewels.in/