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When you buy from one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangalore, you should be sure that you are buying only genuine certified diamonds that have great light performance, fluorescence, and cleanliness.


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Gemological Characteristics Of A Diamond - Aura Jewels Diamonds are so popularly used in jewellery today that almost no festive jewellery piece is complete without them. But this isnt just today. Diamonds have been in such usage since ancient times with the only difference being that earlier only the rich and upper class families could afford the gemstone while now it has become easier for even the middle class families to make a diamond purchase. The primary gemological characteristic of diamonds It is the primary gemological characteristic of diamonds wherein white light is dispersed into spectral colours that makes a diamond so visually appealing bringing to it the admiration it receives today. The white light that enters a diamond is actually composed of a rainbow of colours with each colour being a unique wavelength of light. When such white light passes through a diamond each colour

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travels through it at a different speed. When the light passes through the stone to reach our eyes it is thus dispersed to be seen as a variety of colours. This is because some colour of light passes quicker than the other thus giving us a rainbow colour display. Grading of diamonds In the twentieth century gemologists developed various methods of grading diamonds based on the characteristics most important to their value as a gem. The four most popularly considered factors for grading a diamond are its cut colour carat and clarity more commonly known as the 4 Cs of a diamond centre/diamond-4cs/. This system of grading was developed by the Gemological Institute of America in 1953 which was then recognized as an international standard to evaluate a diamond’s characteristics. Today there are two major non-profit gemological associations that grade and provide reports on diamonds – The Gemological Institute of America GIA held in high regard amongst gemologists for its consistent and conservative grading and the Diamond High Council HRD Official certification laboratory of the Belgian diamond industry located in Antwerp. You must always opt for only certified diamonds from such authoritative gemological associations. Aura Jewels is one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Bangalore where you’ll get absolute value for money because only GIA certified diamonds are sold here. You can buy genuine diamonds and have

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them set into your own customized designer jewellery pieces in any traditional or contemporary style to suit your choice and occasion. Physical characteristics of diamonds Other than the 4Cs of a diamond there are many other physical characteristics of diamonds which affect their value and appearance. These include the light performance the presence of fluorescence and the cleanliness. Light performance – This determines how well a polished diamond can return light to the viewer in terms of brilliance fire and scintillation. Brilliance is the white light reflection from the internal and external facet surfaces fire is the spectral colours that are produced due to dispersion of light and scintiallation is the small light flashes seen when the light source or diamond is moved. High levels of all these three elements bring to a diamond a high light performance. Fluorescence – Generally almost 65 of diamonds do not fluoresce under sunlight black light or ultraviolet light. And for the remaining 35 that fluoresce 97 have a blue fluorescence and only 3 fluoresce other colours like yellow red and green. Some diamonds with very strong fluorescence may have a milky or oily look. However fluorescence has very little effect on the transparency of a diamond. Also very strong blue fluorescence can bring to a diamond a better colour appearance than non-fluorescent diamonds or those

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with fluorescence of other colours. Thus a presence of strong blue fluorescence is considered to be better. Cleanliness – Undoubtedly a clean diamond is more brilliant and fiery than an unclean one. Even a very thin film of dirt grease or water over or below a diamond can absorb a part of light that can otherwise be reflected to the viewer. Also coloured dye or smudges can affect the perceived colour of a diamond. This is why a diamond must be maintained cleaned at all times especially when it is set into a metal. For more Information: