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Research Before Buying Diamonds Diamonds are one of the most precious things you can buy that can add a touch of timeless elegance to any outfit and enhance the mood of a celebration. Moreover this precious stone can be handed down through generations without going out of style. Thus when you invest in diamonds or diamond jewellery you would want to buy one that is pure genuine and valuable. It should be a bright lustrous diamond that can grab eyeballs. But to be able to buy the best diamonds you will want to know that you are buying what you should. And this can only be possible when you have knowledge and experience about understanding all the aspects of a diamond. The cut The cut determines the way in which the gems are shaped like princess cut pear cut oval cut round brilliant and more. When the diamonds are mined they are dull and rock-like which are cut into the required shape to define their shine and brilliance. However if the diamond in not cut properly it will not exhibit the same luminosity. Diamonds that are cut should reflect light all over creating an eye-catching sparkle only then can they be said to be cut properly. It is this cut that makes a difference in the price of the diamonds. The more intricate the cut is the higher its price will be. The colour While you may love coloured diamonds it is the clear white diamonds that are the most valuable. White diamonds appear completely colourless with no inclusions and this is what makes them expensive. Other coloured options in diamonds include pink blue green orange

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and red. These colours are caused by chemical impurities in the diamonds These rare colours are also very striking and raise the price of the diamond. The clarity Clarity just as the term says determines how clear the diamond is. And this clarity depends upon the existence or non-existence of any internal features inclusions and surface defects. Although it is impossible to find a flawless diamond as they come from nature but good quality diamonds have comparatively lesser flaws than others. And the clearer the diamond the more valuable it is. The flaws in the best quality diamond are only microscopic thus diamonds that have flaws visible to the naked eye shouldn’t be purchased as they are definitely not of good quality. The carat Carat determines the weight of a diamond. One carat is equal to 200 mg. The more carats a diamond had the more expensive it is. Till date the world’s largest diamond found is the Cullian Diamond that weighs 3106.75 carats. But the world’s largest wearable diamond is the Golden Jubilee diamond with an estimated weight of 545.67 carats. Obviously none of us can afford that diamond so you should always decide on the diamond your pocket can allow you to buy. Budget conscious buyers can also opt for smaller diamonds clustered together to offer the appearance of a larger diamond. Along with the diamond you are buying you also need to decide on the type of metal you want your diamond to be held in. You may choose from gold white gold rose gold silver platinum or palladium. You can also decide on the design the setting and every other facet that you may require for your diamond ring diamond pendant diamond earrings diamond bracelet diamond bangles or anything else. With all this in mind you can have your jewellery designed and customized at Aura Jewels the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore where a team of skilled artisans and designers are waiting to help you get the best always.