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What Is 18 Karat Gold You may have heard about 18K 22K and 24K gold. But do you know what exactly all these numbers are To put it in the simplest of words these numbers depict the purity of gold. But if you want every detail of what is meant by these numbers and the “K” you need to read further down this blog. What is “K” The “K” here stands for “Karat” – the term that is used to define the purity of gold. The purest form of gold is 24K which is 99.99 gold mixed with 0.001 of other metals. 22K is 91.67 gold and 18K is 76 gold. Gold is a very sift metal making it difficult to mold it into jewellery and other stuff. This is why even the purest 24K gold has 0.001 of another metal blended in it so that the metal hardens a little so that it can be moulded to form the best gold jewellery in Bangalore. The metals that are blended with gold include silver copper zinc and nickel. When mixed with nickel and zinc gold loses its original yellow colour and produces a platinum-like whitish colour known as white gold whose purity is generally 18K. How much Karat gold should you buy Now that you know what Karat is the next question is which the best Karat gold to buy is. Well the purity that you should choose depends upon your budget and the design you choose. But the minimum Karat you should choose is 16K. For intricate designs gold lesser than 16K wont work.

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Silver and gold Silver is a cheaper alternative to gold. In fact silver is known as the poor man’s gold. But gold is majestic and has its own individual status. Gold is also more malleable and softer than silver making it easier to mould it into intricate shapes and designs. Moreover gold never tarnishes or loses its shine. And these qualities are what make gold so expensive. What many people do is have silver jewellery made polished with 18K gold polish to make it look like gold jewellery However the polish wears off with time and needs to be re-polished time and again. What should you buy – gold polished silver or gold As jewellery manufacturers we will not suggest you to opt for fallacy. While many people have succumbed to the trend of crafting 925 sterling silver and having it polished with 18K gold we suggest that you should instead opt for pure 18K gold instead. Real is always real and can bring you a good price if you wish to sell it off in the future. Yes it’s true that you need a big amount to invest in gold but it’s definitely worth it. So if you have decided you can always approach us at Aura Jewels to get the best gold jewellery in Bangalore and rest assured that you are getting the purest gold designs. We have a team of skilled designers and artisans who can bring your designs to life ALSO READ: Gold Or Platinum – Which Jewellery Should You Choose