Sterling Silver Jewellery Or Costume Jewellery

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Confused about purchasing costume jewellery or real silver jewellery It is a though that disturbs many women across the globe. Although costume jewellery is colourful and beautiful making it look great with the right clothes and accessories there is nothing compared to sterling silver jewellery. Costume jewellery comes with colourful beads and stones that make the jewellery piece look even more beautiful but sterling silver is an all- time classic that can be worn elegantly with whatever you wear. With the right design a sterling silver jewellery assemble can enhance the look of everything from sarees and salwar kameez to evening gowns and office wear. So if you want to look classy you are definitely opting for silver. But if you are still confused here are some reasons why you would prefer investing more in sterling silver jewellery rather than in fancy costume jewellery. Silver has a unique appeal Silver has been around since time immemorial and has always been considered prestigious and elegant. When you have other precious jewellery like gold and pearls you may get bored of it considering the design that you have been wearing since years. But when it is silver the design always looks fresh and beautiful. You can keep your silver jewellery forever and never feel the need to get new pieces with the changing seasons and styles.

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Silver has a beautiful sheen Silver gleams just like the moonlight on a full moon night. It catches the light from both the sun and the moon and looks beautiful against your skin. And this shine never fades. You don’t have to worry about your silver tarnishing away with time. However even if it does it is quite easy to have it polished back to its original shine and easy to take care of too. Silver is tough and durable Costume jewellery is imitation and thus can’t be as strong as you want it to be. Sterling silver on the other hand is very durable and lasts longer than costume jewellery. So if you want something that stays with you longer and which brings a good return on your investment it’s definitely silver Silver is valuable Silver has its own appeal and class. It is considered royal and elegant. In fact it is so admired that you can also gift a silver piece of jewellery to your loved one and he/she will just love what you gave them. Silver gifting is considered auspicious in our Hindu culture and so you can understand how valuable silver is to us Indians. This has become even more evident after investors are seen to be interested in silver ETFs. You may have also seen how we all gift all kinds of silver articles to each other during auspicious occasions like Diwali. This Diwali or any housewarming wedding or anniversary you can also gift some silver and spread your love. You can get the best silver articles in Bangalore at Aura Jewels the one stop destination that promises great designs and amazing varieties with a promise of high quality and great service.