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Before Buying Gold Jewellery Buying gold is a big step for most of us who belong to the middle class. Investing in gold or buying gold jewellery requires lots of considerations to be made so that you are sure that you are making the right buy without any risks involved while also making the right choice. So here are some important considerations that you ought to make before buying any sort of gold. The BIS Hallmark First and foremost is the BIS Hallmark which is a set of standards that certifies the purity of gold. The BIS engraving consists of two parts – the logo and the numbers. While buying gold make sure to check for a triangular mark that is used by the Bureau of Indian Standards to depict that the gold is pure. Another thing you need to check for is the number written along with the logo. There will be a certain number engraved alongside the logo which will depict the purity of gold in numbers. For example if the number inscribed is 916 the gold is 22 Karat pure if the number is 750 the gold is 18 Karat pure and if the number if 585 the gold is 14 Karat pure. Do you really need it Obviously if you have thought about buying gold you are definitely doing so because you need it. But again think about it a second time. If you think that the gold is just going to lie around your wardrobe or locker after you buy it it would be a waste of money. This is why even if you are buying gold jewellery make sure you are buying simple pieces that you can wear everyday or at least frequently. Buying heavy chunky pieces will be worn only on occasions thus will be kept lying in lockers or wardrobes most of the time.

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Is it trendy enough to go with both Indian and western wear The jewellery you buy should be such that it can go well with both Indian and western wear. If you are planning to wear a saree for an occasion and are buying a jewellery piece for it it shouldn’t be such that you wont be able to wear it with any other western wear. Buy contemporary jewellery such that it can go well with all kinds of garments. To get such incredible jewellery designs you can get in touch with Aura Jewels the best customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore where you can team up with our skilled and talented designers to have any kind of jewellery piece designed to suit any and every garment and occasion. Is it the best price If you are buying hallmarked gold you are definitely getting the purest thing and paying a little higher for a pure metal is not bad. So make sure you are buying only the right thing. Shifting to a compromising gold only to lower down the price isnt a wise option. And if you are shopping at Aura Jewels there is nothing to worry about because here you are guaranteed to get the best designs at the best prices

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