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Exploring Customized Jewellery Customized jewellery has been a popular choice for centuries and remains popular even today. People love buying customized jewellery rather than the readily available designs especially on their special occasions like their wedding birthday or anniversary. Also when it comes to gifting jewellery to someone special it is a wise decision to get a customized piece of jewellery that can link immediately to his/her heart. When it is for your own collection you know what you want to buy. But if you are looking to gift a piece of customized jewellery here are some considerations that you must make. What is your relationship with the person you are gifting to First and foremost the relationship matters the most. Obviously if you are gifting customized jewellery it has to be a close and dear one. But what exactly is the relationship Is it your spouse parent child or someone else Closest relationships like spouse parent child would love to have some gold or diamond. Other relationships like your closest friend aunt uncle or cousin can do with a simpler sterling silver. However the decision is finally for you to make. What is the occasion Next comes the occasion. Is it a wedding or engagement ring or is it a birthday chain or an anniversary jewellery set Depending upon the occasion you can decide on how big or small heavy or intricate the design must be. Also do you need to buy a complete set or only a single piece of jewellery can be determined by how important the occasion is.

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What is the birthstone of the wearer Birthstones add a very special touch to any custom jewellery design. Whether it is for you or if you are gifting it to someone else make sure to have the wearer’s birthstone embedded in the design. It will definitely add to the love and affection of your gift. Looking for some vintage Vintage designs are always popular and classy. You can look for inspiration from books magazines and the internet to find some classy vintage designs. Recreate an exciting design from the inspiration you have found. Some of the most popular vintage inspirations include monogram jewellery signet ring with an initial friendship bracelets wedding band with an inscription name jewellery initial pendants. Both men and women love wearing customized jewellery. So worry not whoever it may be. Just make a good choice and the wearer will love what you have gifted him/her. Just make sure to keep the designs bold and gallant for a man and intricate and pretty for a woman. To help you with the best designs you can have your customized jewellery designed at Aura Jewels the best customized gold jewellery shop in Bangalore. There is a team of talented designers who can design just anything you wish to have and a team of skilled artisans who can convert any design beautifully into reality So you can be sure to get what you are looking for when you walk into Aura Jewels.