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Silver Jewellery In India India has always been known to appreciate gold over any other metal for jewellery. Gold has been the most traditional metal used in India for jewellery ever since there were kings and queens. However people have over the years started adopting a wide variety of other materials for their jewellery choices out of which one popular one is silver. Silver is one such material that can be worn by one and all. Every rich and middle class person can afford silver. Silver can be worn on any occasion from weddings to anniversaries birthday parties to inaugurations and more. Moreover silver has its own peculiar shine that makes the jewellery stand out and when combined with the right coloured gemstones there can be nothing more attractive Silver in two forms – sterling and oxidized There is a certain charm about silver – both sterling silver and oxidized silver – in their own peculiar ways. While sterling silver can be seen adorned by women in the cities for every kind of occasion in every kind of jewellery piece sterling silver is a more traditional material worn by women living in the rural and tribal areas of the country. Some of the cities where women prefer decorating their bodies with oxidized silver include Himachal Pradesh Kutch Rajasthan and Kashmir.

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How silver became popular While we don’t exactly know when silver was first discovered but the traces have been seen to be as old as 4000 B.C. Slowly and gradually the materials started becoming more and more popular and widely used because gold was precious and bronze had lethal properties. Silver was used mainly in the form of silver jewellery and silverware and we can see how s o many products are made out of silver today. The radiance luster and beauty of silver have made the metal a cost-effective option for gifting as well. May it be silver bangles silver kitchenware silver coins or silver idols silver gifts are considered a royal and auspicious offering. Get in touch with Aura Jewels to get a wide range of not only the best designs in silver jewellery in Bangalore but also when you are looking for gifting options in silverware. How is silver made The silver we see is actually not 100 silver. This is because pure silver is too soft to mould. This is why the silver used is actually sterling silver which is a mixture of 92.5 silver and 7.5 copper. This mixing of copper gives silver the strength it requires to craft a design and shape. Silver jewellery is not only popular among common women but celebrities too. Some of the biggest names in the Indian film industry have seen to be adorning silver too. Sonam Kapoor Priyanka Chopra and many other actresses are seen to wear silver chains silver earrings and silver rings on a daily basis. This is because Indian silver jewellery is unique and exquisite. The intricate designs polished finish and beautiful styling make it extremely attractive. Follow these celebrities and make silver jewellery in Bangalore an indispensable piece of your wardrobe. Pursue the mantra of beauty with simplicity and incorporate some gorgeous silver in your jewellery box.

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