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The Industrial Internet of Things:

The Industrial Internet of Things Overcoming Adoption Challenges to Release the Value Within IIoT

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?:

What is the Internet of Things ( IoT )? Everyday objects with network connectivity can send and receive data Smart Environment Control Smart Television Smart Light Control Smart Motion Sensor Smart STB Smart Remote Control Smart Door Control 2

What is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)?:

What is the Industrial Internet of Things ( IIoT )? Business-to-business devices and objects with network connectivity can send and receive data With IIoT , sensors collect and analyze data from machines, devices, facilities , fleets and more 3

Market Size/Opportunity of IIoT:

Market Size/ Opportunity of IIoT 4 Predictions: 25 Billion devices connected to the Internet by 2015 50 Billion d evices by 2020 $309 Billion in additional revenue for suppliers of connected devices by 2020 $1.9 Trillion in cost savings and improved productivity $ 10-$15 T rillion increase in global GDP over the next 20 years, thanks to gains in productivity CISCO GARTNER GE

Why Does IIoT Matter?:

Why D oes IIoT Matter? Revolutionizing the Way Business is Done 5

IIoT Results:

IIoT Results Reductions Improvements Out of Service for Repairs Unplanned Downtime Maintenance Cost Increased Productivity! Manufacturing Processes Machine Efficiencies + 6

Key Industry Segments Where IIoT is Used:

7 Key Industry Segments Where IIoT is Used Transportation Telematics Industrial fleet management Proactive monitoring In-vehicle entertainment Vehicle navigation Safety services Concierge services Remote engine diagnostics Personalized i nsurance Manufacturing Supply chain management Asset, cargo and container management Geofencing Machine diagnostics Machine telemetry Inventory control Industrial automation control Real-time equipment monitoring Retail & Finance Smart payments Smart cards Point-of-sale terminals ATM & kiosk monitoring Vending machine monitoring Digital signage Electronic billboards Oil & Gas Monitoring and controlling drills, wells and pipelines Telemetry Remote automation Sensor networks in the earth’s crust Cellular- and satellite-based M2M devices


8 Key Industry Segments Where IIoT is Used Utilities Meter reading Proactive alerts Alarms Smart grid applications Remote building temperature control Healthcare Home healthcare monitoring Hospital patient monitoring Hospital equipment monitoring Remote telemedicine Remote physician consultation Body sensor monitoring Remote diagnostics Security Electronic surveillance Video surveillance Video-enhanced industrial security Enterprise security sensor monitoring Security alerts Consumer Services Smart home appliances Connected home electronics and devices Home security services Home alerts Remote home thermostat control Video feed monitoring

How are Industries Using IIoT?:

How are Industries Using IIoT ? Increased Production and Quality A paper manufacturer used sensors in its kilns to automatically adjust the flame shape Result: Increased production by 5% and improved product quality Better Service Levels Logistics managers adjusted vehicle routes using weather and traffic condition sensors Result: Lowered congestion costs, while increasing network capacity 9

How are Industries Using IIoT?:

How are Industries Using IIoT ? Improved Situational Awareness A maritime company launched a collaboration platform providing customers with improved decision making and support Result: Improved troubleshooting and safety Streamlined Maintenance Networked sensors embedded in the bodies of airplanes, monitor the wear and tear of airplanes Result: Improved proactive maintenance activities 10

IIoT is All About Big Data:

IIoT is All About Big Data IIoT Data is Big Data Made up of billions of events and data points , to support some of the fastest-growing areas in global business Analytics BI Predictive Analytics Forrester estimates the current market for Big Data to be valued at about $12 billion 11

The Technical Hurdles of Big Data:

The Technical Hurdles of Big Data 12 Moving a wide variety of data from a wide variety of sources High volumes of data and high velocity of throughput Moving Big Data through low-bandwidth connections Limited access to real-time information updates Diminished value of IIoT The hurdles The impact of not addressing the hurdles Poor performance Increased costs Bottlenecks

Three Basic Steps:

Three Basic Steps 13 Collect data from machines Send data to a central storage location Analyze information and achieve real-time insights Data Value Data Value When the hurdles aren’t addressed When the hurdles are addressed

Attunity to the Rescue:

Attunity to the Rescue Attunity enables companies to: Data Value Move data fast, easily and securely over WAN networks and low-bandwidth connections Achieve real-time analytics for better decision making Capture the business potential held in the IIoT 14

The BIG Details:

The BIG Details By leveraging ELT (Extract, Load, Transform), a best practice recommended and supported by Attunity, companies can move data fast, easily and securely over WAN networks and low-bandwidth connections Attunity solutions are optimized to support high-performance transfer of data over LAN or WAN with ease and efficiency, enabling real-time analytics 15


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