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What is Desert Safari and Where to go Desert safari is actually a package of variety of experiences. Which is actually available in various countries around the globe. The major providers are USA Egypt India Sultanate of Oman and UAE. Where UAE provides the best among them. The major attractions in desert safaris are off-roading in desert sand for example Desert safari with dune bashing Dubai camel rides BBQ dinner sand ski overnight stay etc. Dune bashing in dubai In USA Los Vegas is also one of the popular city which provides the desert safari. Though they are not popular among the people but it also provides good experiences for the seekers. Desert tucked in the status is recognized as Black Coloured rock dessert and is famous for its natural moist areas free of moisture lake bed furniture and great quantity of ghost locations. Egypt can be another location where safari lovers can travel to. They have one among the best deserts in vacation and society is certainly the biggest sector within the land. If think the desert is too hot then you can also go to river Nile for exhilarating on your own. India the only safari rides found in Asia which provides pretty good for the safari lovers. Traditional western part of Indian subcontinent has a desert referred to as Thar Desert. Thar deserts will provide an experience of desert lifestyle with a little royalty. There are some preferred areas within the desert like Ganganagar Jaisalmer and Pushkar few much more. Pushkar is famous for keeping an annual camel acceptable which is something you should not skip. Jaisalmer is renowned for desert sporting activities and it involves desert safari within it.

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Sultanate of Oman This location is also well known for the desert yellow sand and rally skiing. Wahiba sands are place for desert sports activities. It is just 50kilometer away forum Muscat area. United Arab Emirates Desert safari is really an important factor in well-known desert sports activities of UAE. Dubai offers the greatest entertainment anybody can have on the desert safari eventually they provide the best desert safari in Dubai. Which range from quad bikes to the most powerful SUV`s in world it is truly one of have to travel position you should not think to overlook. The desert safari experience in Abu Dhabi has been fine-tuned to perfection by a slew of experienced tour guides and operators. Desert safari can be done in many times like morning desert safari sunrise desert safari evening desert safari and overnight desert safari. Evening desert safari with fire shows are one of the major attraction in Dubai. Desert safari with fire works

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