What are the two most popular types of Desert Safaris in Dubai


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What are the two most popular types of Desert Safaris in Dubai:

What are the two most popular types of Desert Safaris in Dubai

Specialty of Dubai Desert:

Specialty of Dubai Desert Rather than talking about the modern and widely known aspects of Dubai, let’s discuss the less known aspects of Dubai as it is in all respects rarely talked about. People believe that certain aspects have played no part in making Dubai established as it is today. Not quite. Among the least known parts of Dubai, the Dubai Deserts play an extensive role in the development of the UAE. The most fascinating and exciting activity of high significance is the Desert Safari in Dubai. Have you at any point wondered why Desert Safaris in Dubai is known as the real Dubai? Deserts in Dubai is a place of magnificence and uniqueness. People who think that deserts are just isolated areas of land, you should probably think twice. There are two unique and popular types of desert safaris in Dubai, one is the Sunrise Desert Safari and the second is the Overnight Desert Safari you can take part in, along with a set of activities it includes.

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai :

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai A private spot in the vast desert region is a feeling close to nothing you will ever see or experience, and that too close to dawn, when the sunrises bringing awe to your eyes. At the point when the sun appear at the horizons covering the red sand, it’s the loveliest inclination that we can never feel. It is the greatest feeling to be so much at calm and peace after a hectic week at work, with your friends and family. Imagine just looking at the dusk while sitting on the delicate red sand of Desert Safari Dubai.

Private overnight desert camping Dubai :

Private overnight desert camping Dubai Spend the entire night under the stars and moonlight and enjoy your vacation with BBQ dinner along with one of the most popular entertainment shows in the form of a belly dance, which you can see only in Dubai. Apart from that, you have other activities you can take part at the camp journey, such as the Quad biking, Camel ride, Dune Bashing, Sand Skiing, etc. Let’s look at some of these activities a little bit more in detail.

Activities at Desert Safaris in Dubai:

Activities at Desert Safaris in Dubai Dune Bashing Like off-roading is done on unsurfaced streets, Desert safari dune bashing Dubai is done on the sand ridges of a desert. You and your group of friends are made to sit in a Toyota Land Cruiser, where a professional takes you for a grand ride. Quad Biking This is the favorite ride for those who want enjoy solo. It’s like Dune Bashing on a 4-wheeled bike instead of a car. It is hyper thrilling for the rider if you are looking for a mesmerizing experience. Camel Riding One of the most popular activities as we have seen in many movies is camel riding. Climb on the camel and sit on its fluffy back. It's such a beautiful experience if you have always wanted to do this. Then it is sure to stay evergreen in your mind as you ride through the massive oceans of desert.


Sand Skiing Sand skiing is for the adventure seeker and sports enthusiasts. It uses snowboards, but instead of snow, people surf on the sand and experience the deserts like never before. You should try this with your friends if you are up for a race to see who wins among you. MUST VISIT You would have now understood why Desert Safaris in Dubai is one of its kind. So, which desert safari would you choose for yourself and family? Which activities would you and your friends wish to go on to get the most memorable memories of Dubai? Choose the best Desert safari tour package Dubai and make your trip enjoyable.

ADDRES: Office No. 404, Al Yasmin Building Near Abu Hail Metro station Dubai - uae mail: [email protected] www.atlantasafaridubai.com :

ADDRES: Office No. 404, Al Yasmin Building Near Abu Hail Metro station Dubai - uae mail:  [email protected] www.atlantasafaridubai.com

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