Needs of Marketing Strategies for the Growth of Business

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Marketing strategies are helpful for the expansion of the business and it also increases the brand value of the business. Read this sample, here we have mentioned some marketing strategies.


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Evaluating Marketing Strategies and Recommendations

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Task 1 There are different marketingmix elementwhichare as follow: • Product Product which made by Marks and Spencer should be innovativeand attractiveso thatcustomerlikeitand eager to buyit • Place Marks and Spencer need to sale these products and services at that place where transportation facility and people can easily visit to buy theproducts andservices. • Promotion there are different way for prompting a products that is through social networking sites and newspaper. Marks and Spencer can useabest way forpromoting thisproducts and services

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Cont... • Price Marks and Spencer need to set price of product lower so that buyer not face any problem related to price of products. If priceis low thendemandof productishigh. • Physical evidence Marks and Spencer need to open its shop at that place where people can easily come and its outlook should beattractive. • Process Marks and Spencer can use systematic process for selling its products such as it can provide facility that is free homedelivery etc. • People : Company need to hire people who are highly skilled and can deliver high quality service to the Marks and Spencer customer.

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Task 2 Recommendation • Marks and Spencer can use different strategy for selling its product such as itcan usepriceskimmingstrategy. • Further company can sale it product at online so that customer can easilybuyit by sitingat home. • Company can make a unique product which are different from itscompetitorso thatsaleof company can increase. • Marks and Spencer can provide training and development facility to its employee so that they can work more effectively and efficiently.

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