Need of Information Technology in this Modern World

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Information Technology

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Information and Communication Technology is the expanded form of the Information Technology which involves the integration of the telecommunications that is telephone lines and wireless communication computers and software storage and audio-visual system which allows the users to easily access store transfer and manipulate information. ICT has no particular definition because it is changed according to the new concepts and methods on daily basis. In this report the website for fast food sandwich is developed which includes the information about the menu nutritional option and allergy information. The main points in this reports are implementation of ICT technology. Further discussion of solution of the problems and the advantages and disadvantages of ICT technology are involved. Lastly the analysis of the data is done Introduction

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Implementation of the ICT technology: ICT plays an important role in effective computer system that are fulfilling the increasing the user demands. The ICT system behind the website must be responsive reliable and secure. The ICT includes wireless signals like internet which is available 24 hours to the people. With the help of ICT the user can easily know the ratings and reviews of the people to the website which can give the general idea of the quality of the website.

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Steps involved in the solution of the problems The main problem of the ICT implementation is network failure During bad weather the power cuts and the network also fails at that it is impossible to connect with the ICT technologies. The second major problem is during server overloading or website crash When millions of users log in or requests at the same time the website crashes and the people does not gain the relevant information they want. Hence they have to order the food from other sources. At that time the customers patience and satisfaction goes out of limit as they get poor service from the company.

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Continued.. The solution of these problems are as follows the server system which maintains the overall performance of the website must be strong means the capacity of the server must be large enough that it can handle multiple request of the user at the same time Secondly the infrastructure of the ICT equipments must be well designed so that it can bear the natural calamities. Further the ICT system must be secure reliable and responsive as a million of the users make use of it..

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Advantages and disadvantages of using the ICT technology The main advantage of using ICT technology are as follows: The main advantage of using ICT technology in the Cali sandwich and fast food organization is to popularize its service among the customers. The company is giving its service anywhere and at anytime which helps in gaining the customers satisfaction experience and good reviews.

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Continued.. •The main disadvantage of using ICT in the organization is that it gives the information of the confidential data if not protected carefully. •Secondly the ICT can leads to misunderstandings among the customer as sometimes the websites and internet cannot give the complete information

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Analysis of the findings The Cali sandwich and fast food is the company which has used the ICT technology for its successful growth. It has provided the whole information about its services like the menu nutritional information allergy information etc. to the customer on the website which helped them a lot. The cited organization has gained the best ratings and experiences from their customers.

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Conclusion From this report it can be concluded that using ICT technologies the company has benefited a lot. They have done the promotion of their business using the website and ICT technologies. There are several advantages of using reliable and secure ICT technologies which the company have make use of it for the smooth running and gaining the successful reputation in the market. These technologies have played the important role in achieving the customers satisfaction and increasing the companys economy.

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