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Skilled workers are foreign nationals with experience in specific occupations and who are issued Canadian permanent resident visas based on their ability to become economically established in Canada. Skilled Worker applicants are assessed based on a number of factors that forecast the likelihood of successful integration into Canadian society. Factors include, but are not limited to, the applicant’s work experience, language abilities and education. You can find more information regarding the factors below on this page.


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Skilled Worker Program Canada :

Skilled Worker Program Canada Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services

Apply for a Canadian Work visa:

Apply for a Canadian Work visa The Canadian skilled worker visa, is issued to certain category of foreigner workers through the express entry program Foreign workers with skilled occupation as listed by Canadian authorities. Applicants who have received a Letter of advice of Apply. Foreign students who have graduated from a recognized Canadian University.

Why should you choose Canada as your country of work?:

Why should you choose Canada as your country of work? Canada is one of the most beautiful countries on earth, where you can dream about working. Its high standard of living, strong economic policy, diverse culture and ever growing work opportunities helps you achieve you career growth.

Who do not require CRS Points?:

Who do not require CRS Points? A candidate, with arrangement under the federal skilled worker class, is no longer require to earn CRS Points if he/she is…… A candidate under a federal provincial agreement A candidate who is an intra-company transferee An applicant under NAFTA and


Conclusion If you are dreaming about obtaining a skilled work visa permit to Canada, you need to fulfill all the criteria required by immigration authorities. If you are application is approved , you may apply for a permanent resident status in the future. For more details and queries, please log on to the Aspire World Website Call Now: 9711287974

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