Hong cong Quality Migration Admission Scheme


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Hong Kong is an excellent destination if you wish to live and work in another country. If you possess the right combination of qualifications and professional experience, you may be eligible for a work visa. If you wish to have one of our professional advisers determine your eligibility, please fill out a free online assessment.


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Hong Kong Quality Migration Admission Scheme:

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Index :

Index Title Overview Eligibility General Point based test Achievement based test Conclusion End

Overview Of QMAS:

Overview Of QMAS Quota Based Scheme For Highly skilled or talented individuals Job offer not required It has world class business infrastructure . It’s easy to find a home in Hong Kong . International education

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility Criteria Age 18 or above Financial Stability Good Moral Character English or Chinese language Competency Adequate skills and Qualification

General Point based QMAS:

General Point based QMAS Age 20 Points Academic/Professional Qualifications 40 points Work Experience 50 points Language Proficiency 20 Points Family Background 20 Points 5 Points for each accompanying unmarried dependent child under the age 18, maximum 10 points

Achievement based QMAS:

Achievement based QMAS Alternative ways to score a total of 165 points:- • Obtained an award of exceptional achievement • Acknowledgement for contributions made in the area of expertise


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