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Vacations were on the edge and you must be thinking where to go, that easily fits into the budget. Before planning a trip what all things you must ensure? That it should be not too expensive, it should have things to do, like the adventure activity if you are young blood.  Tired from office schedule or the monotonous life of every day. So, if you are planning to take a break from everyday routine, then Egypt's trip can never be a bad option. Planned T o B ook M y  Egypt Trip


Egypt's trip is one of the most beautiful destinations you can ever visit so if you have the opportunity to try not to miss that. While planning a trip to Egypt make sure about the visa arrangements and the currency too. Do not get currencies in advance because exchange rates are so much better if you get the money from the ATM in the host country. Try to book al the hotels and accommodation things in advance so, that you don’t have to get stressed out during the Egypt trip. Things should be booked in advance so that no added fees will be tacked on. Insight - 1


The next concern comes of appropriate packing; all the travelers to Egypt have to be very smart while packing their luggage because the environment in Egypt keeps on fluctuating a lot. Especially the women, Egypt is a hot place and can be roasting t times during the day but it can be like freezing place at night so you have been smart while collecting all the essentialities. A simple itinerary can be decided for an Egypt trip: Insight – 2


Arrives in Cairo, where you can see many pyramids like Giza, or you can go to the museum watch. Day 1


Luxor , travel from Cairo to Luxor will be only of a few hours. Spend your afternoon exploring the city whereas in the evening you can visit bazaars. Day 2


Can be Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan. If you are a peace lover and you want to enjoy your surrounding then this day will be the most amazing for you. Where you can live every moment while being on a cruise in the Nile.The sites will include the valley of kings and Queen Hatshepsut’s temple, Karnak temple and Luxor temple, Edfu and KomOmbo , high dam and many other things. Day 3


If you are adventure freak then you must hit the beaches. After days of exploring temples and tomb, this day can be relaxing. You can experience scuba diving here. Egypt has some amazing resorts here where you can go and relax.   Day 4 & 5


Here to conclude, while exploring your Egypt trip to the fullest does not forget to get memories all with you in the form of a lot of pictures and the statue that you can cherish for your entire life. Do experience camel ride, which is the most popular transport of Egypt you can easily make the trip to Egypt of 2 weeks with every day planned in it. Conclusion


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