5 Top Rated Tourist Attractions destination in Egypt of 2018


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To the north eastern part of Africa you have Egypt that is often known as the Arab republic. It is a country that is transcontinental and often called the country at the middle-east. You can have full experiences of travel to some of the most exotic locations with private tour companies that excel in taking you around the most stunning places.


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5 Top Rated Tourist Attractions destination in Egypt of 2018


Giza pyramids Any visitor must never leave the beautiful country without visit the most iconic Egypt Tourist Attractions, Sphinx and Great pyramids of Giza and popular travel sites like ask-aladdin.com are travel experts to guarantee you satisfactory trips.


River Nile River Nile If you have had geography as a subject in school then you ought to have heard about the most popular Egypt Tourist Attractions by ask-aladdin.com , that is river Nile. You can explore it on a cruise and the journey lasts few days.


Luxor Very few places that are there in the world can be tagged as museums in open air. The Egyptian city of Luxor is certainly one of those. The preservation and number of monuments in the area of Luxor is unparalleled when compared to anything that is present elsewhere across the globe.


Cairo The city that is every traveler’s dream has to be Cairo because fans of history will relate to the corners that have been preserved perfectly. Do not leave until you have visited the monuments churches, temples and the very famous Khan-el- Khalili souk.


Oasis of Siwa Every place is beautiful in the country and thus it is difficult to pick just one thus Siwa Oasis must be added to your must-visit places. It is located between Sand Sea and depression of Qattara in Libyan Desert.


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