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Evangelical Broadcasting Organization: 

Evangelical Broadcasting Organization Richard Post M.A. 18 September 2002

What are we going to do?: 

What are we going to do? eo.nl Target groups Pillars Service Evangelism: 'Why Jesus?' Extra: Counseling: eo.nl/nazorg Kids community: Ourania EO?

eo.nl“Close to God, Close to men”: 

eo.nl 'Close to God, Close to men' Evangelism (primary mission) If you are looking for information about Christian faith go to eo.nl Stimulating Christians (secondary mission)



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waaromjezus.nl E-vangelism

Alpha Coursehttp://alphacourse.org/http://www.alphana.org/: 

Alpha Course http://alphacourse.org/ http://www.alphana.org/

The Alpha Course : 

The Alpha Course More than 2 million people worldwide have found it a worthwhile experience, completing the Alpha Course in churches, homes, schools, universities and prison. In the Netherlands there are over 500 local Alpha Courses (all denominations). The real life Alpha Course is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, non-threatening manner over ten, thought-provoking weekly sessions.

The Alpha Course : 

The Alpha Course The Alpha Course is a way for churches to reach out to a lost and needy world in an informal and friendly way. Supper: There is a light meal together at the beginning of each session which gives people a chance to get to know each other. Talk: After each talk we divide into small groups to discuss the topic of the evening, ask questions and express opinions. Coffee andamp; Small groups: Listen, learn, discuss and discover and ask anything. Alpha is a place where no question is too simple or too hostile.

What about the online seeker? : 

What about the online seeker? The real life Alpha Course is really OK for the offline seeker, but what about the online seeker? More and more people in the Netherlands, and also worldwide are seeking religious information online each day. More and more people have an Internet connection (16M, 6.8M,43%).

What about the online seeker? : 

What about the online seeker? Many people do not go to a church (seeker service) or an Alpha Course for information about God for a number of reasons. Many people do not have neighbours or friends who can invite them to a church. Internet can offer a way to explore religion and spirituality. There is a lot of information out there, but is it safe?

What about the online seeker? : 

What about the online seeker? There are many of Christian sites that offer information about Christian faith and how to become a Christian. But what can you offer an online convert if he or she does not live in the same city, state or perhaps country? Follow-up network?

What about the online seeker? : 

What about the online seeker? How does an online convert integrates his online life with his offline life? Psychology of Cyberspace - Integrating Online and Offline Living, http://www.rider.edu/users/suler/psycyber/integrate.html Mistake we made with a non-interactive evangelism-site: Too eager to count conversions. Can someone hold on to faith after an online conversion? People fill out a form, but what do you know about them…(their background). First time they made a choice? What about aftercare?

“Why Jesus?”Bringing Online and Offline Living Together: 

'Why Jesus?' Bringing Online and Offline Living Together

“Why Jesus?” and the Alpha Course: 

'Why Jesus?' and the Alpha Course Collaboration: Evangelical Broadcasting Organization and the Alpha Course. 'Why Jesus?' is a pre-Alpha Course... It does not replace the real life Alpha Course. Collaboration enables us to bring online and offline living together. We can offer our participants a real life course at the end of 'Why Jesus?'.

“Why Jesus?” and the Cyber church?: 

'Why Jesus?' and the Cyber church? A cyber church can never replace the body of Christ. Because a online church misses important elements of being a church. The Lord's Supper (new community). Fellowship (to meet in person). Discipline. Etcetera. Internet is complementary Internet can build a bridge. The church, not the cyber church, can help people to bring online and offline living together.

“Why Jesus?” and Aftercare: 

'Why Jesus?' and Aftercare Provides a bridge between real life (the church) and virtual reality (people searching online for answers). Connection with churches of all denominations in the Netherlands and Belgium. Counseling network: people tend to open up easily about all kind of subjects on the Internet. Sometimes counseling can be necessary.

“Why Jesus?”: 

'Why Jesus?' 'Why Jesus?' offers a safe, non-threatening way to explore questions about Christianity without having to attend a church or course in real life.

“Why Jesus?” - The Course: 

'Why Jesus?' - The Course 'Why Jesus?' is a six session interactive program which runs over three weeks to provide a practical introduction to the Christian faith. Content of the course: booklet of Nicky Gumbel, called 'Why Jesus?'. It is safe and non-threatening: It is at home behind your own computer. You decide when, where and how you participate in this course. Every participant has his/her own e-Coach. Answers questions, responds to the assignments (Quiz), chats and attends the real life meeting.

“Why Jesus?” - The Course: 

'Why Jesus?' - The Course Every week on Monday a new chapter of 'Why Jesus?' and new questions (Quiz). The e-Coach responds to the questions and answers of his or her participant. Every week on Thursday there is a chat with a well know Dutch Christian. Participants can chat and use the message board during the entire course - creates a community.

“Why Jesus?” - The Course: 

'Why Jesus?' - The Course They can find links to other Christian sites. Participants can watch or listen to the 'JESUS' film . Every week there is a 'Video of the Week'. It gives an introduction to the content and questions of the coming week. Every week new articles about relevant subjects.

“Why Jesus?” - The Course: 

'Why Jesus?' - The Course At the end of the third week participants can decide whether they want to stop or want to go on with the course and learn how they can make a decision for Christ. In the fourth week we tell the participants how they can make a decision for Christ. Those who stop get information (a flyer) about a real life Alpha Course and an invitation to the 'Why Jesus?' meeting.

“Why Jesus?” - The Course: 

'Why Jesus?' - The Course At the end of the fourth week we also give information about a the real life Alpha Course and help the participants in finding a church or if necessary a counselor. The focus of the course is not on converting participants as soon as possible. We want to help them to make up there minds. If they want to, that is more than OK. But we believe that the church is the place to be. The church can help you to find Christ and learn about what it means to be a Christian.

“Why Jesus?” - Bible and Booklet : 

'Why Jesus?' - Bible and Booklet Participants receive a free New Testament (International Bible Society version) and Josh McDowell’s 'More Than a Carpenter'. We use Josh McDowell’s 'More Than a Carpenter' as extra content. A participant can follow the course without reading that book. Some postmodern participants think he is too modern. Too many fact and figures. Others need just those fact and figures.

“Why Jesus?” - Meeting: 

'Why Jesus?' - Meeting 'Why Jesus?' the real life meeting: Evening or an afternoon. Eating together. Speaking together about God and subjects that matter… Giving information about the Alpha Course or churches. Free booklets. Free, with the same principles as the Alpha Course: Supper, talk, coffee and small groups. A transition between virtual reality and real life.

“Why Jesus?” - The Content: 

'Why Jesus?' - The Content First week: What is it all about? Christianity is first and foremost about relationships rather then rules. I do not need Him. There is nothing that can fill this emptiness deep down like God does. Second week: Why should I worry about Jesus? Who is Jesus? Why did He come? Did He die and what about His resurrection? What does He say about Himself? How do you know it is true?

“Why Jesus?” - The Content: 

'Why Jesus?' - The Content Third week: Jesus gives you freedom: to know God from guilt from addiction from the fear of death to love Why Not? I do not need God. Too much to give up!! There must be a trap. I am not good enough. I could not keep it up. I will do it later.

“Why Jesus?” - The Content: 

'Why Jesus?' - The Content Fourth week: What do we have to do?? Ask God to forgive you. Thank you - tell Jesus that you believe that he died on the cross for you! Please - you need to ask him to come into your life. What now? Tell someone. Read the Bible. Speak with God daily. Join a lively church.

“Why Jesus?” - Participants: 

'Why Jesus?' - Participants Target groups (age 17-77): Those wanting to investigate Christianity. Those who feel that they have never really got going as a Christian. Those who want to brush-up on the basics. Participants have to register and tell us what they know about Christian faith and why they want to follow this course. Safety. We sent booklets and password by mail to there home address.

“Why Jesus?” - Participants: 

'Why Jesus?' - Participants With 10 e-Coaches we can give 7 courses for 700 people a year. We need at least 20 e-Coaches. Not everyone who registered starts with the course (50-70%). 3 week, plus a fourth week(4 weeks is too long). First three week participants read the content of the course and answer the questions. About 15% go to an Alpha Course. About 20% attend a 'Why Jesus?' meeting.

“Why Jesus?” e-Coaches: 

'Why Jesus?' e-Coaches Potential e-Coaches have to fill out a form. Potential e-Coach has to provide references. We visit the potential e-Coach. e-Coach manual. Alpha Course material, written by Nicky Gumbel: 'Questions of Life' 'Searching Issues'

“Why Jesus?” e-Coaches: 

'Why Jesus?' e-Coaches e-Coach training (two times a year). How to communicate online with non-believers. How to respond to objections, etcetera. Feedback-page: Prayer request. Help from other e-Coaches or the Department of Aftercare. Info about different subject, like: New Age, etcetera. e-Coach can offer a participant: Free booklets about different subjects (prayer, reading the Bible, etcetera). Address of a church or counselor via the Department of Aftercare.

“Why Jesus?” - Promotion: 

'Why Jesus?' - Promotion We are planning to show or tell the URL of the site at the end of certain programs (Radio or Television). Jesus DVD. 'Why Jesus?' card. Links on home page, different target groups, pillars. Promotion in Alpha newspaper and EO magazine. Mailing to churches.

Why Jesus? : 

Why Jesus?

Relation Between the Alpha Course and “Why Jesus?”: 

Relation Between the Alpha Course and 'Why Jesus?' Alpha Course England approved the use of Nicky Gumbel’s 'Why Jesus?'. We already had approval of the Dutch Alpha Course. If other countries want to develop a pre-Alpha Course it should be done together with the Alpha Course of a particular country. We would be prepared to give advice. 14-15 November we are planning to go to England to show Alpha England more about 'Why Jesus?'.




Why Jesus? : 

Why Jesus? Navigation Links

Why Jesus? news : 

Why Jesus? news News and video items of past weeks Video of the week News items, relevant articles

Why Jesus? News/Article: 

Why Jesus? News/Article

Why Jesus? - Content: 

Why Jesus? - Content Quote Content- 4 pages Ask e-Coach

Why Jesus? - Content: 

Why Jesus? - Content Content can be downloaded

Why Jesus? - Quiz: 

Why Jesus? - Quiz Questions Open Questions Save Question

Why Jesus? - Hyperlinks: 

Why Jesus? - Hyperlinks

Why Jesus? - Navigation: 

Why Jesus? - Navigation News E-mail, Chat, Message board Course Info Hyperlinks Content Dictionary Quiz Participants How to?

Why Jesus? - E-mail: 

Why Jesus? - E-mail e-Coach Chat Message board andamp; Answers of participants

Why Jesus? Sylvia - a testimony: 

Why Jesus? Sylvia - a testimony Sylvia’s life changed through the Internet. One of the magazines of the Evangelical Broadcasting Organization.

“Why Jesus?” is magnificent: 

'Why Jesus?' is magnificent Sylvia wanted to do something with religion, but she knew too less. She was just surfing the Internet. ' I do not know how I found 'Why Jesus?', but I found it…' 'I thought: Why not? I have nothing to lose…'

“Why Jesus?” is magnificent: 

'Why Jesus?' is magnificent 'I liked the idea of a course via the Internet. It is anonymous. If I do not like it, I can stop and I do not have to explain to anyone why.' ' I wanted to explore Christianity without someone pushing me.' About the course: 'Jesus was described as the Son of God. It really opened my eyes.'

Jesus is magnificent: 

Jesus is magnificent I am not convinced easily, but this I could not deny.'I believed that Jesus had to die for our sins and that he rose again.' 'As of that moment I felt a strange peace in my heart. I thought: now I have found it.' 'For the fist time in my life I could say: I believe.'

Questions?or Comments?: 

Questions? or Comments?

Richard Post M.A.P.O. Box 216001202 BN HilversumThe Netherlands+31 (35) [email protected]

Richard Post M.A. P.O. Box 21600 1202 BN Hilversum The Netherlands +31 (35) 6474813 [email protected]


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