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Do you notice your child’s eyes looking in different directions? Does he tilt his head to the side while doing tasks? Does he regularly rub his eyes to focus? You may need the best squint specialist in Mumbai then!


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Squint is one of the most common eye problems seen in both children and adults but more popularly in kids and teens. It could be temporary or may persist. Whatever type it may be you always need to be careful and consult the best squint specialist in Mumbai to keep a check on your child’s eye health and squint condition. If you are doubtful of your child suffering from squint here are some insights that can help you confirm the occurrence as well as choose the proper treatment and lower the risks of complications. Ensure to have regular check ups Even as a general rule you must have your child’s as well as yours eyes checked every 6-12 months to check for any issues. But if you feel that your child is suffering from squint or any other eye issue for that matter you must make it compulsory to take him for frequent eye checks. Doing so can help detect any eye issue at an early stage with early symptoms which can prevent further complications.

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Identify if your child has squint How did you feel that your child has squint Did you notice that his eyes are pointing in two different directions or that one of his eyes isnt looking straight at you while he is speaking to you That’s possibly squint Squint is basically a problem wherein one or both the eyes may be affected and the affected eyes looks in a direction different from where it should be looking at. This means that both the eyeballs will not work in tandem to focus on one particular object or landscape. But other symptoms that you must look for include whether your child is tilting his head to one side while doing everyday tasks or if he is closing one of his eyes to focus on something or rubbing his eyes because he sees a double vision. Any of these symptoms may mean a squint too so watch out for them. Identify the reason for your child’s squint Once identified with one or both of the above steps that your child does have squint you need to find out the main reason behind it. There could be several reasons behind the squint seen in your child’s eyes. It could be the result of the eye attempting to correct vision problems retinoblastoma genetic syndromes developmental delays or certain infections. Identifying the cause will make it easier to resolve the issue. Beware of any complications Every medical condition comes with a complication and so does squint. To avoid any complications it is important that you get an early treatment as soon as the condition is identified. Failing to do so can increase the risk of developing lazy eye the condition in which the brain stops accepting signals coming from the eyes which means that it could lead to even reduced vision You can see how important it is to get immediate diagnosis and treatment for squint. So as soon as you notice any of the symptoms spoken of above immediately book an appointment with Arohi Eye Hospital the best squint specialist in Mumbai where specialist squint experts are available to carry out all kinds of diagnosis and treatments for squint.