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Sasha: Good morning Mr Rodriguez, please have a seat. Wilder: Good morning, it's a pleasure to meet you. Sasha: Could you tell me who you work for at the moment? Wilder: I work for Frank and Banowitz importers. Sasha: How long have you worked for them? Wilder: I've been working for Frank and Banowitz for the past three years. Sasha: And how long have your been working in the accounting department? Wilder: I've been in the accounting department for the past six months. Sasha: You know this job requires a lot of travel. Have you done much traveling for business? Wilder: Yes, the job I had before Frank and Banowitz required me to travel monthly. Sasha: And why did you leave that position? Wilder: I was offered a more interesting position at Frank and Banowitz. Sasha: Have you had any experience in sales? Wilder: Yes, I've spent a few years working part-time as an advertising consultant for schools offering summer language courses. Sasha: That's interesting. How successful have you been? Wilder: The schools I've worked for have all had increased registrations as a result of my collaboration. Sasha: Very interesting... Intermediate Level Dialogues - Work Experience