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Jhan: Hey Nomar, how's your day?Nomar: Everything great. you?Jhan: Same here. I was wondering if you have plans for this weekend.Nomar: Let me think about it. Why are you asking?Jhan: I wanted to invite you to go to the Olga Tañon concert.Nomar: Oh, I'd really like to go. I really like Olga Tañon . But I'm afraid I'm going to Aruba with my parents.Jhan: That's too bad. Who should I invite?Nomar: Ask Elena, I think she'd like to go. She's a huge fan of Olga Tañon, and she'll change her plans for that concert, for sure.Jhan: Yeah, you're right. I'll invite her. Well, thank you anyways.Nomar: I'm sorry I can't go. But, shall we go out for a drink right now?Jhan: Sure Link: Jhan Carlos Marrufo C.I 20439225 Nomar Urdaneta C.I 9703065