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Margenis: Hi/Hello, how have you been?Marjorie: Fine, thanks. And you?Margenis: FineMarjorie: How were your vacations?Margenis: Fine, thanks, I went to the south of Chile.Marjorie: Which city did you go?Margenis: I went to Pucon, with my friends.Marjorie: And what did you do in Pucon?Margenis: We climbed the volcano.Marjorie: I went two years ago, and I also climbed the volcano, it's great.Margenis: And, what do you think about Pucon?Marjorie: It's a very clean city.Margenis: Yeah , without smog and many vehicles.Marjorie: But I dont change Santiago.*Margenis: Me neither, though sometimes it's stressful. Marjorie: Would you like to drink some cofee?Margenis: All right. Integrantes: Margenis Garcia ci. 16.884.747 Maryory Parra ci. 14.544.663 How were your vacations? Sección: CI-43