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LEONARDO: Hi deyner, I was wondering if you're free tomorrow night DEYNER: Well, Leonardo, I guess I am. Why do you ask? LEONARDO: I have just gotten a pair of pre-sale "Star Wars" movie tickets from a friend and was thinking of inviting you along for the opening premier. Are you interested? DEYNER: Yeah, definitely! Thanks for inviting me! LEONARDO: No problem. DEYNER: I really wanted to watch "Star wars" on the opening day but the pre-sale tickets were sold out. How did you manage to get hold of me? LEONARDO: A friend of mine works at the corporate headquarters of "Pepsi", which is a major sponsor of the movie. He was able to get the tickets for free, and then he sold 2 to me for $50 a piece. DEYNER: You paid $50 for each ticket? That's a huge premium over the regular price! LEONARDO really, considering the fact that other people are paying as high as $200 each on the "black market". Besides, I knew you were really looking forward to watching "Star Wars" on the opening day. DEYNER: Wow, I'm really honored you went through all this trouble just for my sake. I really appreciate that. So, what time are we going? LEONARDO: Well, let's see. The movie starts at 10 PM. We should get there at least 1 hour earlier because there'll be a big line. I could pick you up at your house at 8, if that's OK with you. DEYNER: 8 o'clock? That's fine with me. LEONRDO: Okay good. DEYNER: So I'll see you tomorrow at 8 then? LEONRDO: Yeah. That's great. I'll see you tomorrow night . deyner DEYNER: Okay, Leonardo. Bye!