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Slide 1: Present Continuous (Progressive) for Beginners Read the following interview using the present continuous (progressive) tense On the telephone Andrea: Hello, can I speak to Paola.Paola: This is Paola, who is speaking? Andrea: Hi, this is Andrea. Paola: Hi Andrea. What are you doing? Andrea: Oh, I just watching TV. What are you doing? Paola: Well, I'm cooking dinner. Andrea: What are you cooking? Paola: I'm baking some potatoes, boiling some carrots and grilling a steak. Andrea: It sounds delicious. Paola: What are you doing for dinner tonight? Andrea: Well, I don't have any plans... Paola: Would you like to come over for dinner? Andrea: Oh, I'd love to. Thanks. Paola: Great. Mary and Jack are also coming. They arriving at seven. Andrea: OK, I'll be there at seven, too. Paola: OK, see you then. Bye. Andrea: Bye. Paola Canelón María A. Olmos Ingles IV