managerial roles

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Managerial Roles:

Managerial Roles Described by Mintzberg. A role is a set of specific tasks a person performs because of the position they hold. Roles are directed inside as well as outside the organization. There are 3 broad role categories: 1. Interpersonal 2. Informational 3. Decisional [email protected] BTEC HND in QS&CE Management

Interpersonal Roles:

Interpersonal Roles Roles managers assume to coordinate and interact with employees and provide direction to the organization. Figurehead role: symbolizes the organization and what it is trying to achieve. Leader role: train, counsel, mentor and encourage high employee performance . Liaison role: link and coordinate people inside and outside the organization to help achieve goals. [email protected] BTEC HND in QS&CE Management

Informational Roles:

Informational Roles Associated with the tasks needed to obtain and transmit information for management of the organization. Monitor role: analyzes information from both the internal and external environment . Disseminator role: manager transmits information to influence attitudes and behavior of employees. Spokesperson role: use of information to positively influence the way people in and out of the organization respond to it. [email protected] BTEC HND in QS&CE Management

Decisional Roles:

Decisional Roles Associated with the methods managers use to plan strategy and utilize resources to achieve goals. Entrepreneur role: deciding upon new projects or programs to initiate and invest. Disturbance handler role: assume responsibility for handling an unexpected event or crisis. Resource allocator role: assign resources between functions and divisions, set budgets of lower managers. Negotiator role: seeks to negotiate solutions between other managers, unions, customers, or shareholders. [email protected] BTEC HND in QS&CE Management