Chronic Back Pain and Back pain therapy in Orchard Road

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Chronic Back Pain and Back pain therapy in Orchard Road Back pain is considered chronic if it’s been afectng you for more than three months. Chronic back pain is usually experienced from the neck to the lower spine and the pain can either be localised or may radiate into the lower limbs. What are the symptoms of chronic back pain and efectve Back pain Treatment Near Me options Symptoms:  Contnuous deep dull and burning pain in the back  Numbness in the legs  Extreme pain that it becomes difcult to perform daily actvites  Pain is not relieved by standard medical management For efectve back pain treatment you should consult a specialist and on his suggeston start with physiotherapy. What are the causes and risk factors of back pain

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As per Back pain therapy in Orchard Road specialists t here can be many causes of chronic back pain you may experience discomfort in joints muscles or nerves. Pain can also be a result of a previous injury that was healed or it may have an ongoing cause such as nerve damage or arthrits. Sometmes it is difcult to fnd out the exact cause of pain. What are the causes of chronic back pain The causes of chronic back pain are many your doctor will study your medical history if any and conduct a physical examinaton to fnd out the exact cause. They may order imaging tests to rule out conditons such as infecton cancer tumours or fractures. Some of the Back pain Treatment Near Me tests ordered are: X-rays: X-rays help to check for fractures or other problems in the bones.

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MRI: MRI is helpful to detect slipped discs nerve root compression infectons of the bone or spinal canal fractures or tumours. CT Scan: Its functon is the same as an X-ray but the results are beter. Nerve Conducton Study: Nerve conditon study is a nerve test that determines nerve abnormality. The test is largely carried out to distnguish between nerve root and muscle disease. What are the treatments for chronic back pain Medicaton: Doctors ofen prescribe medicaton to relieve pain decrease muscle spasm soothe nerve pain and reduce infammaton. Non-steroidal ant-infammatory medicatons NSAIDs are commonly advised to reduce pains. Is physiotherapy efectve For many patents Back pain therapy in Orchard Road can be efectve in reducing pain. Usually the physiotherapy treatments begin with tracton and heat therapy along with several exercise programs that improve the strength of spinal muscles. Is surgery important for back pain

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No surgery is only an opton for those who do not get any relief afer rest or physiotherapy. Specialists keep track of your progress and if these therapies are not enough to relieve pain you may have to go under the knife. Pain Management There are several pain management procedures that you can beneft from if you are not interested in undergoing surgery. Some of the pain management optons include: Radiofrequency ablaton: This Back pain Treatment Near Me procedure helps to reduce chronic pain in the back by generatng heat around a nerve to reduce pain. It is highly efectve for patents having a degeneratve joint disease like arthrits. Spinal cord stmulaton: It helps in pain reducton by stmulatng the spinal cord electrically to reduce pain. Though it does not eliminate the pain but interrupts the signals from reaching your brain. Spinal injectons: Your specialist may advise you injectons to reduce back pain. These injectons are advised by the doctors and should be taken only under prescripton. Aqua Physio:

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AquaPhysio is one of the best Back pain therapy in Orchard Road centers in Singapore that you can connect with to get back to the peak of physical health. The therapists here are highly experienced and they know how to manage your conditon so you never experience pain once you have taken treatment from them. Summary: Back pain is considered chronic if it lasts contnuously for more than three months. There can be diferent causes of the pain but physiotherapy can help you get back to your routne life.