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At appsted you will learn how to boost your application downloads. Your app icon is the first thing someone sees in the app store, so the design you choose is critical for your success. And here is how to have a perfect icon for your app.


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9 Tips To Boost Your App Downloads

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So you have finally built your mobile app. The design looks appealing the app is responsive and you have followed all the guidelines

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But there is a concern and its a major one. Your app is not getting the response you were expecting and it is lagging behind. If this sounds to be YOUR case you are not alone. Many elite app developers have faced the same issue of getting a cold response from the Google Play Store once the app goes live. All it takes is a little know-how to giving a little tweak to let the masses know of your app.yourbring your app to the attention of the masses. Paying attention to the app listings is as important as developing it. Here are some tips that will help you get more downloads:

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Step 1: Get A Captivating App Icon Your app icon is the first thing someone sees in the app store so the design you choose is critical for your success. And here is how to have a perfect icon for your app. •Pick a bold and unique icon •Do not add too much info or colors •Avoid using a photo •Keep the right size and dimensions •Avoid using too many words •The icon must represent the main feature of the app

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Step 2: Reach Out The Social Media Your voice over the social media must match the context of your app. If the app is about creativity or a gaming app do not bore your audience with business news. The platforms where you can get the attention of maximum audience are: •Facebook •Twitter •Pinterest •YouTube •LinkedIn

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Step 3: Name And App Description Description is one of the main places where you need to focus on. It is the next thing that would be noticed after the icon. Here is how to make the most of it. •Do not use the already taken names •Try to keep it small and easy to remember •Regardless of the limit keep the description small and less promotional •Use keywords in the description

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Step 4: Have A Marketing Strategy Typically app marketing is spread over a few weeks or months. But if you need to act quickly funnel all your marketing funds in a smaller time frame. Here are the targets for an effective marketing strategy •Social media •Email marketing •SMS marketing •Content marketing •App directory sites

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Step 5: Ask The Users For Reviews Organic reviews from the actual app users are way more valuable than others. It also helps the mobile app developers to mend the weak areas for which the app is lagging behind. Not only will ths organic feedback let other users know the app better you will also be aware of what should be done to improve the app.

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Step 6: Use Captivating Screenshots And Videos App related pictures which represent the motive and user interface of the app can instantly boost the download rate. Use screenshots from the app itself to let the people know whats inside the app. Use the following tips for uploading app screenshots: •Give priority to the major feature of the app •Use in-action screenshots •Put captions and arrows to highlight varoius functions

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Step 7: Create A Viral Loop It is a simple way of converting your app users into marketers. And here is how you can create a limitless viral loop •Especially for a gaming app add features where users can challenge their friends to beat their scores •Use help or refer a friend to give bonus or reward points to the app users •A popular loop strategy is jump the queue. Here the users are in a virtual queue before the launch of a product. The more they share the app the forward they move

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Step 8: Localise Your App Especially in the case of android app development it is important for the app to be globalized. Act smart and target all teh potential markets of the world to maximize downloads. First of all use app investigating tools like App Annie to know your competition. Study these apps throughly and focus on its drawbacks. Read the reviews and funnel down the tweaking in that direction.

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Step 9: Work On Your App Retention Rate Even if you start getting good number of downloads it is important to satisfy the users. If the app users do not get what they expect they will simply hop to another app. Focus on the following aspects: •App usage in terms of users session timings retention rate •Technical feedback in terns of bugs crash reports firmware data •Interest of the audience in terms of social media sharing and feedback

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Conclusion Always remember that it will be the app users who decide the fate of the app. Keep their preferences in mind and serve them with something they cannot get over with. The tips discussed here are the boosters that will help you achieve your goals.

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